Ron Piasecki wrote on November 8th, 2023
I was going through my phone today deleting old pictures and videos and came across a video of the group performing at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center on November 16, 2013, 10 years ago. I definitely kept that video, hope you can return to our area some day.
T.J. Pinta wrote on November 7th, 2023
Hope to see you in Central Florida soon. Enjoyed the concert you did a while back near Spring Hill. Was so glad to see Jerry Frulio again. We are Both retired from the same organization, and had not seen Jerry in some time.
George Galfo wrote on November 7th, 2023
Back at ya Mike Russillo...see you on Nov 10th
George Galfo wrote on November 7th, 2023
Dan Henry, thank you for taking the time to post in our Guestbook and for your continued Support throughout the years for The MYSTICS
Dan Henry wrote on November 7th, 2023
Have loved your music since 1959 !!
Mike Russillo wrote on November 6th, 2023
Hello boys