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philes ndungwa wrote on September 27th, 2021
african home adventure
Maria Gonzales wrote on June 22nd, 2020
We arrived in Nairobi very late in the night and were picked at the airport by Fred,a gentle guy who had been sent by Albert.
Since dawn was two hours away,we saw no need of going into an hotel,Fred drove us straight to the office where we stayed till morning.
Albert and his team are wonderful people and easy to work along with.Albert breafed us before the safari and handed us over to our tour driver who also doubled up to be our tour guide.
Barack was very accommodating and made us enjoy every bit of the safari.Barack noticed how tired we were and allowed us to catch some sleep on our way to the Mara which takes a 5-6 hour drive.
NB:Be prepared for bumpy dusty roads.
We stayed at the enchoro wildlife camp which was superb.
We did a variety of game drives with an evening drive on the first day,and all day drive on the middle day and then an early morning drive on the final day before heading to Nakuru.There was also a chance for a visit to a maasai village on the middle day.African home adventure safari made it possible for us and will definitely advise anyone who wants to get the value for there money to try them for positive results.
Carly Guglielmo wrote on January 5th, 2019
This trip was amazing! The food was good, the people were friendly, and the prices were fair. Barack was our driver for most of this trip. He’s the best!! Very friendly, helpful, and kind. We felt like he was our friend! If I get the chance to come back again, I want Barack!
M,Zahoor.Khan(Pakistan) wrote on October 4th, 2016
Dear sirs is it possible for you to ask Albert Aouko to contact me his old client I am planning a safari with my friends he was a great help in the past Dr.Zahoor
jackson muriuki wrote on February 22nd, 2016
Wonderful i am so pleased with your website. so intrusive , interactive and detailed.
Everybody would like to feel your service. congratulations as we plan our future tours with you.
Baluku Zapiere wrote on August 1st, 2015
Iam happy to visit the African Home Adventure and ir is my desire to partner with you so our International youth hostels Uganda accommodation in Kampala is be a blessing to all guests coming to tour.

Baluku Zapiere
Deepak wrote on June 11th, 2015
hi, we finish our kenya tour today...we spent a week here. amazing country and amazing animals......and most importantly amazing people. We probably had the best guide possible..... Mr. George Otieno...Thanks George for being so nice to us and conducting the safari in the most professional manner !! I havent seen a passionate professional then you are !!
vincent odero wrote on November 11th, 2013
This is a wonderfull site,the game drives look amazing and I believe it gives both pleasure and recreation to uplift ones spirits.You are a leader in this industry.
J m Jamka wrote on April 5th, 2013

Albert was my contact in African Home Adventure. I have to say that his replies are always quick and complete.

I made 4D/3N Masai Mara & Lake Nakhuru twice with them, same route, same everything and that was just awesome. these guys can offer you all kind of tours; expensive lodges or budget camping, but the attention to details and the attitude doesn't change based on money you spent.

The team was helpful, cheerful and always smiling. I think we had the best game guide first time (Otis) in 2008, but unfortunately he left and we got another guy in 2012 (Eduard) and he was just perfect.

if you wish to have nice, tiring, fulfilling and just amazing experience in Kenya, do it with African Home Adventure. You wont regret!
Visited August 2012

Albert Ouko wrote on January 23rd, 2013
African Home Adventure Kenya Budget Safaris is among the finest Kenya Budget Tour Operator, Tanzania Adventure Safaris Operator and Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours that offers a level of product, excellence service through experience and value that is second to none.