Bilvi Ahau Hun wrote on September 30th, 2015
...hola hermano Mazatzin, todas las bendiciones y saludo de corazón. aqui te estimamos mucho, apoyando tu responsabilidad del Bastón de la Unidad... mis flores y cantos a tus pies Gran Hermano... Me-xi-khó
Ciudad Luz
Universo de la Historia
en este AHORA
de la Aldea planetaria
que invento el Maíz
para honrar la Vida
Celestial Jerusalén Xitana
de nuestra Danza
y nuestros besos
en el lecho de la Milpa Espiritual
por eso hoy he venido aquí
con Alas y Espinas
a esta cita ardiendo
en donde Ustedes y YO
SOMOS UNA caricia
una respuesta en la pregunta
del Polvo iluminado
que YO SOY
de este Canto de Ruinas
Dólmenes y Catedrales
Sin Rostro
Sin Pasado
Mi Nombre es INSTANTE
Donde Juntos Podamos
Recuperar la Vista...
ElJuegoReal HuehuetlahtolliHeAquiAhora Tehuantin-nosotros
[email protected]
...super gusto de conocetre, abrazos
Mandy wrote on August 26th, 2012
I am seeking my cosmic purpose, my cosmic identity. My search has lead me here. How do I find the answers I seek? Thank you, brother.
Hector Ortiz wrote on August 18th, 2012
Hola gran Maestro Mazatzin, no se si se acuerde de mi, usted vino a Danzar aca en Aurora Illinois about a year ago. Cuando regresaria otravez?
Peter wrote on August 16th, 2012
Hi, i just saw a youtube from 2009, you were addressing the speaker John Hoagland. I was very impressed by what and how you spoke. There is not much activity on your site. Wondering how you are and your next steps. Emaho, Peter
crystal matias wrote on August 15th, 2012
hola quisiera me facilitara el tonalli de las siguientes fecha de nac 20 de abril de 1992.... 29 de abril de 2002... 17 de abril de 2005...
muchas gracias su informacion sera di vital importancia.....
yao cuauhtlil wrote on January 23rd, 2012
thazokamati hermanitos por esta valiosa información, para que día a día reflexionemos y seamos mejores seres kósmicas
Gloria L Ramos wrote on January 16th, 2012
Please clarify the Dec 21, 2012 belief that the world is going to end.
Jaime TLakatLetltZin Vega wrote on January 6th, 2012
So fortunate to have you as our TLatoani en CalifAztLan - TLazokamati!
Patricia Xilonzochitl wrote on December 18th, 2011
Tlazohcamati muchas gracias por todo lo que me explico muy buen travajo en su pagina hermano
miguel wrote on August 29th, 2011
estupendo trabajo con la pagina
Ike Heinz wrote on June 7th, 2011
Thank you for making the time count & wisdom avalable to us.
Ater Nibiru went by we can only praize the power of cosmic consciousness. (watch Nasa's fly-by account)
13 Akatl today can give us the hope for a new understanding of the toltek count of days. The third night of Mictlantechutli last from 5/22 till June 11. Time has been speeding up and planet earth in moving soon tobe in day 4 Cinteoyl Proliferation. The growing of greater understanding of a unified world perspective. Peace on Earth for all beings.
Bill Brown wrote on May 22nd, 2011

I take great joy in knowing you and my strength is behind your misson.
ItzKoatl wrote on December 20th, 2010
whats the deal on the lunar eclipse on the winter solstice and have you ever heard of nibiru
Andrea Holm wrote on December 9th, 2010
Dear Mazatzin,
Thank you very much for coming to the Ethnic Studies presentation in Tucson. Your presence was greatly appreciated. Thank you for reminding us who we are.
~Andrea Hernandez Holm
Maestro PotatoHead13 wrote on November 18th, 2010
Hey Hey Brother Maz. ~ ~ ~

I hope this little message finds you...I left Peebles without saying Goodbye & Thank You for sharing your insight with the many people who attended this Star Family gathering. Yes! : )

David Kobzabowlove (um aka potatohead812) wants to thank you for the Gifts you give to our world. ty!

I have a nice story to share when you get back from Magic Mound-in-Ohio...Hope to connect again soon.

Talk to you later. Peace. : )

Luck Salway wrote on September 27th, 2010
Hello, I have a question about the Eagle Claws. Why do they have 5 claws total? Also how come we go counter clockwise on the calander but on the Nahui Ollin we go clockwise? Thank you and have a good day.
Delphina wrote on August 6th, 2010

Wonderful to meet you in Farmington few weeks ago. Thank you for doing the sacred work, inspiring all of us as the condor & eagle come together..we will surely come as one voice.

Vaya Con dios

cimuya wrote on July 22nd, 2010
taino ti my name is cimuya face of spirit even doe im not mexica im taino i had the chance to attend a temezcal in el Paso, with carlos imy fiance is mexica and i want to learn and know more
Itzkuintli wrote on July 5th, 2010
Temachtiani ~ I hope to see you soon at our 25th Anniversary Xilonen Celebration this Saturday July 10th, 2010 ~ El Dia de Zipaktli in Watsonville, Califaztlan Anahuak. I hope to have some time to get a little more refined teaching from you to be able to share with the youth of our group and the older folks who have yet to gain a deeper understanding of our beautiful way. I also hope to get a new Tonalamatl booklet from you for this Yankuik Xiuitl Matlaktli Ze Tochtli.

Hope our creator blesses all your travels Temachtiani!

ana wrote on May 27th, 2010
quiero saber si se lleva a cabo la reunion en el zocalo para el 20 de julio y a que hora i l g v v

Enrique Guerrero wrote on May 26th, 2010
Hermano Mazatzin

Quiero aprovechar para admirar tu trabajo y comentarte que tube el honor de conocerte en MEXICO TENOCHTITLAN.
Te quiero preguntar por el XOLOTL TEKUTLI KETZALKOATL cuando lo podemos recuperar !!!!!!!
abusando de tu gentilesa caracteristica tengo la duda de mi verdadero nombre el mio,el de mi raza ,
el de mi gente, el AZTEKA te dejo mis unicos datos naci 14\feb\1976 alas 10:00 pm sabado y comento el doctor a mis padres que cuando de dio la nalgada
mele quede viendo .

de antemano gracias hernano.

catalina wrote on May 18th, 2010
hello mazatzin
I was interested in joining some dances. I used to dance at the torre de tijuana off revolucion, but its too far for me. I live in San Diego and I understand that dances are held at chicano park. If you can help me in any way , I would really appreciate it.
ailin wrote on March 21st, 2010
I was wondering if you could help me find my Atec name 9-27-1977 at 5 p.m. all i know is it took me a while to cry.
Peta-de-Aztlan wrote on March 21st, 2010
Domingo, Marzo 21, 2010 ~ Gracias for all the work on your website and in your personal life. Let us unite and come together as one people of people and struggle onwards towards liberation for all poor, oppressed and repressed peoples.

Join Up!
agustin miramontes wrote on January 10th, 2010
I met you at the pulga of santa cruz and i was wondering why does miktlantekutli look different from all the others, and why does he have a different chair
Emmanuel Michel wrote on January 7th, 2010
Today during a school program called Tailor Made, I leared something new from Mazatzin. I am a Mexican-American but I always wondered what the aztek calendar really meant. I mean I knew that my ancestor created the calander but I dirt know why and the true meaning of it. Today in class during the presentation I found what the Aztek calander really meant. I appreciate every single second of the presentation and I hope everyone learns our past history that was avoided in this society. I as well am now educating others so they can learn their own acestor's history.
Water Rabbit wrote on January 6th, 2010
Every drop is a dream
every drop is a dream
every drop is a dream
a dream of a
human being
every drop is a dream
of crystaline healing
every drop is a dream
a precious dream
a prayer for divine
love life
and healing
every drop is a dream
Yehiel Yisrael, MA wrote on December 8th, 2009
My Dear Hermano Mazatzin:
It was great seeing you and meeting your son and friend at yesterday's Laney College powwow. It was a wonderful powwow, for sure. We continued where we left our previous conversation, sharing some of the wisdom learned from our anscestors and catching up on our recent progress. Your wonderful son reminds me of mine and they're around the same age. Your son is also like you, a clear spirit motivated by truth, love and deep purpose to bless and heal others with joy and the matrix of eternal relationships of the cycles of our lives in time & space, observed for millenia by the ancient sages in this continent. We met a few years ago at the Stanford powwow, shared a meal in the Mission and you gave me a lift to home in the O. I was impressed by your high degree of vision and selfless giving of your knowledge to all who will listen. Your motivation does not arise from greed but from justice and peace for all individuals, tribes and nations. We're both therapists, healers, teachers and revolutionaries in our own unique paths. May we continue to be blessed by YHWH, The Creator of the Universe, The Great Spirit, blessed be He, along our path for a long and joyful time. I'm hoping to continue our discussions and, like many other's whom your spirit has touched, I'd love to see you obtain a full professorship and permanent office to help you take your unique message to many more people. Let's talk again soon. La Victoria Siempre.
Yehiel Yisrael
Juan & Crystel Gallo wrote on December 6th, 2009

It was really nice meeting you today at the Pow Wow @ Laney college in Oakland. My husband and I really enjoyed talking with you and your son. We were the couple with the 3 boys and the lil girl. Thank you for analyzing our birthdays and our existance and purpose in mother earth. We really liked hearing about our culture. You are a very important person and we thank you for sharing your kind words about the purpose of time and where we fall between it. Thanks again, Many blessing to you and your family!

With much respect: Juan and Crystel Gallo
master dan wrote on October 26th, 2009
impressive work on the site guys!
Alain "Iron-Jaguar" wrote on October 26th, 2009
Pleasure meeting you on sunday, here is the website I was telling you about,
it's free to join and you can ask the forum questions:
Yaokuauhtli Akatl wrote on October 24th, 2009
Niltze Temachtiani Mazatzin

Dropping by to let you know I admire your dedication into teaching our people their true, beautiful culture...
Tayecanah Ixachitlaka!
Hector Estrada wrote on October 15th, 2009
It was nice meeting you today......
this is a new start for me, and my family to learn more of our culture
Julissa Gutierrez wrote on October 12th, 2009
This is a beutiful webside i thank you in name of all our friends, kids, and our future members to come in to the our beutiful word of Aztek dance. and for teaching us not only the dance but the cultura and dialegto. Also it was a Pleasure meeting you on saturday at Mama's Cubb B-day. hope to see you soon.
Oscar Rosas wrote on October 8th, 2009
This is wonderful that the indigenous people have stepped up to stand before all who want to claim this continent. This is my land I own it. My ancestors have lived and bleed and died on this land for thousands of years. Borders do not exist for us. There are many of us living here in Oregon.
Tony Garduque wrote on September 28th, 2009
Hermano Mazatzin,
Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
Today is a Gift, that's why it is called
The Present...
Hasta la proxima,
zapem wrote on July 18th, 2009
We need more of our people to learn about our culture and you are heading us in the right direction. This is the only way to rise above, walk over the obstacles thrown down in front of us that i call traps that the invaders from Europe place on our path. We need to break those chains and learn as much as we can about our culture. Then one day, maybe, the white man will realize he does not belong here and will go home and let us be, let us live, let us continue with our lives the way it was before they interrupted everything. Demonstrate to them this is our continent, This is native indigenous territory, our language is maya,nahuatl, and many other dialects. We need to demonstrate we want it back. We want everything back that was stripped, stolen and forbidden. We want God returned to us.
Rich Enroth wrote on June 30th, 2009
Mazatzin, great to meet you at the condors and share in the 4 points offering with you and Abel.
I need more info on the clock so I can figure out the time on computer.
Should I get the DVD and what else do I need ?
May your journeys be bright and fruitful.
Rita Montes Martin wrote on June 19th, 2009
Mr. Acosta We met t DQU and then again in court on June 15th- the creator, our Great father has directed me to spend 12 yrs of my life working to help revive DQU- to contribute all I have learned ovr my life time. I beleive tht working together with younand your family and contacts and our mutiual spiritual journey we can disemminate great messages from DQU-education and spiritual.
Jesus Marmolejo wrote on June 18th, 2009
Your work is much appreciated.When the little ones ask questions I have answers now.Met you at Fresno State, where you spoke and enlightened confused minds.You met my new born daughter Xochiketzali.I wanted to ask about weddings.If you or someone you know can conduct a sacred mexica marriage?I ask for myself.thank you brother.
Mahima Gabriel wrote on April 14th, 2009
Dearest Mazatzin,

So good to meet you and your family on Sunday. I hope you are enjoying a be-autiful day. Perhaps our paths and numbers will cross again . . .

I share with you a poem of TIME . . . hugs to both you and Che . . .


Does time own me?
I am tired of fast
of the numbers that
tick and tell me
what to do at 9 AM or 10 PM

I ignore them
most of the time
but the guilt of life
the sturcture of
hands, of hours minutes seconds
ride heavy as time seems to travel me
by day
by night

I want to toss all clocks
for just 24 hours
and see what SOUL surrenders to ~

Will 9 AM or 10 PM
even exist without a clock
without time to tell
the tale of tonight
or some impending tomorrow?

Will we who live by the clock
die by the clock?

Let me lay in the
cool shade
sipping coral melon fresco
and live by sun beams
and moon rays

Can I let go that much
for just one night
one day, 24 hours?

What would life be
without clocks?

I wonder with wonder
and think I'll give it a try
not today, but perhaps
starting next Tuesday . . .

but, I will have to check
my calendar first ~

Mahima Gabriel

Lisa Keller wrote on April 13th, 2009
Hola mi hermano home boy
Recibi su mensaje pero de donde sabio el nombre? Te recuerdo, te recuerdo!
Con carino y so glad to know you~~
RAUL HERNANDEZ wrote on March 23rd, 2009
Hello Matzatzin,

Nice performance yesterday in the Mexica New Year event, im trying to study the book you sold there "Tonalamatl"

Let me know abou your events, please. Thank You..

BARRY TIILMAN wrote on March 5th, 2009
Kent and Mazatzin,

Kent please call Mazatzin at (323)830-7479

[email protected]

He is reading our materials and will answer your questions. I wish he would do a mini Turtle Island Transpartisan Summit which he could develop. He says we are all the same.

Mazatzin is a visionary, historian, and continental leader.

Kent is a Green Party Politician and founder of this event.

I believe a whole continent track would be cool as well a few global transpartisans.


1ST GEN wrote on February 24th, 2009
Nice Performance on Sunday...i got the aztec pride but with a twist...starting a new chicano movement
FABIAN CARDENAS wrote on January 31st, 2009
q-vo mazatzin hope to see u in watson en xhilonen this year cuidate PEACE
Harla Ann Simon wrote on November 29th, 2008
Hello Mazatzin,
Meeting yesterday evening at the 40th American Indian Movement AIM Reunion in SF, is definitely a day to remember. To teach is an honor and to learn is another that this soul prays to ponder. My prayers are for all beings throughout time and space and throughout all existences to receive the blessings of all the wonderous prayers spontaneously.
Love, Harla Ann Keep In Touch
Micheal Teal wrote on November 28th, 2008
Greetings from The Ancient One

Hello Mazatzin

It was while exploring the oneness of humanity and nurturing the global family that i found the soul satisfying expression of inner spirit that is your personal webspace. Your site resonates with positive energy. You are a gifted individual and your pages are a garden of the soul in which the viewer can avail themselves of your innate abilities and engaging essence. Yours is a voice that needs to be heard for by sharing who you are with the world you create an atmosphere where dreams blossom. I honour your personal evolution , respect what you have accomplished and admire that which you aspire to. I wish you an awakening to greater consciousness where you joyously celebrate the dance of life.

May you let your spirit sing as you dwell in divine light and may you elevate your soul as you live a liberated life and explore extraordinary states of being.

Yours In Breath of Creation

Micheal Teal
The Ancient One
Poet , CyberShaman and Spiritual Consultant

Marta E. Gehrig wrote on October 19th, 2008
Hola Matzazin,
Estube en Teotihuacan.. la piramide de la Luna y en la piradide del Sol.
Donde estas tu?? por favor llamame al no. 916.799.1477.
chris wrote on August 28th, 2008
are the calendars still available?
what is the price?
CHICONAHUI OLLIN wrote on August 26th, 2008
TLAZOHCAMATI MAZATZIN TEIXTLAMACHTIANI por la gran semilla de luz que sembraste en el corazón de toda la gente que te escuchamos en el Chopo. Ihuan TLAZOHCAMATI KOZKAKUAUHTLI por la fuerza y el apoyo. Nos vemos pronto, CHICAHUAC!!!
Tony McGettigan wrote on July 17th, 2008
Dear Brother,

Thanks for the wonderful interview.

Thank you for doing your important work.

Guillermo Aurelio Bejarano wrote on June 25th, 2008
Por Todos,

With my observation, respect and admiration for your works.


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