jatidirigusti wrote on March 7th, 2019
Dakota Mithlo aka LandWarriorII wrote on May 30th, 2018
This is a great view into the history and life of a legendary composer of music. His music has a major influence on me and my college career. I will continue to post his music for those who haven't heard or known about on my YouTube channel as well for the fans of Mr. IFUKUBE music.
Craig Rohloff wrote on May 16th, 2018
Some of the first music my (now grown-up) children learned to play on toy musical instruments (and later on REAL musical instruments) was from Akira Ifukube's original GOJIRA film score. Ifukube's music continues to inspire new generations!

Wonderful website... I'll be sure to tell others about it!
Matthew wrote on April 8th, 2018
A beautiful site, for an amazing man.
emily cunningham wrote on September 20th, 2017
Hi Erik!

Perhaps you can help me...

I have been researching for hours now trying to determine the genre/type of music featured in "Zatoichi Challenged" (1967) by Akira Ifukube.

If you can help me figure this out, I am grateful to you.

Emily Cunningham
Gary wrote on August 30th, 2017
Im glad to see this site, Mr. Ifukube deserves his own website. I really like his music, its a mixture of Japanese and European and sounds great. I remember seeing Gojdzilla King Of The Monsters when it first came out in 1956 and was really impressed with the soundtrack, especially the drum beats at the first of the movie. His non-soundtrack compositions are awesome also. My favorite is Fire of Promethius.
Joey Palinkas wrote on August 23rd, 2017
This is a impressive website already! Fans of Infukube and newcomers now have a resource to see and hear the all the works of The finest musician that ever lived!
Mia Spolansky wrote on April 11th, 2017
I was going through the old Godzilla music and found this amazing composer. His work is just phenomenal, I had to check him out. I hope his music lives on.
Kerwin Young wrote on March 14th, 2017
Mr. Akira Ifukube is among my FAVORITE composers! He's been a huge influence on me for expressing one's cultural heritage in their music. His orchestral scores need to be made available for purchase. I would also like to find his treatises in English.
Hana S. wrote on January 31st, 2017
I had to miss a band concert for cheer practice, so my teacher assigned a makeup assignment to me. Originally I was going to choose Beethoven, but since he is so well-known, I wanted to learn something new. Since my bf's name is Akira, I searched up "Japanese composers" on Google. Akira Ifukube, along with two other Akira's came up. I chose Akira Ifukube, and am very glad that he was such an interesting and inspirational character.
Kei Atsuya 文人惠 wrote on December 21st, 2016
Came by the website out of curiosity to check it out because i stumbled upon music by the late mr. ikufube by chance on Spotify. It was Ballata Sinfonica and fell in love with it. Love the art and style the website uses. Has that nice old-ish feel.
greg feret wrote on December 19th, 2016
Saturday's ifukube concert in Evanston was a performance treat that blew me away. I've played his movie themes myself perhaps since KKvsGodzilla (1963) and a 2-piano arrangement of symphonic fantasia maybe something I couldn't touch
Richard Hart wrote on October 25th, 2016
I am here to pay my humble respects to the great Maestro Ifukube. Happy to see this wonderful website in his name. The Maestro's music will linger on forever in our hearts and minds.
Cyber Crime wrote on February 20th, 2016
<a href="http://goo.gl/M9vWgP">Lowongan Kerja Terbaru</a>
BurningGMK wrote on January 1st, 2016
I really should've visited this site sooner! Such a great site dedicated to such a great composer.
Brooke wrote on June 9th, 2015
Thank you so much for your website! I am a musicologist working on Ifukube and your site is immensely useful.
grendyzer wrote on May 31st, 2015
un superbe compositeur, j'ai découvert son travail au travers de sa musique au koto à 20 cordes, ensuite j'ai découvert les musiques qui l'a faite pour le cinéma, bref une personne trés prolifique.
Christopher Oglio wrote on January 8th, 2015
This is such a fantastic site and a wealth of information for any fan of Mr. Ifukube's. This is the must visit site for anyone looking to know more about the great composer! I feel as though I learn something new every time I visit this site. Thank you Erik for all you do!
Alejandro Cristín wrote on December 21st, 2014
What a great site! A excellent guide to known about Ifukube's life and music.
Timothy Norton wrote on November 26th, 2014
A wonderful site, I am listening to Ifukube now.
Thank you, I feel calm in a world of turmoil.
Mark wrote on July 21st, 2014
Thank you for all you did in helping to organize the Ifukube concert for Gfest. It was a wonderful, wonderful event. Thanks so much.
Pouyan wrote on May 31st, 2014
He was an emotional man, You can understand it when you listen to his work.
Dennis Gray wrote on May 22nd, 2014
When I first heard how you created the sound of Godzilla's roar I knew I wanted to work with sound. Life does not always go the way we want, but the dream did not leave me. Now in my sixties I am in fact designing sound for Guelph Little Theatre. A volunteer based community theatre in Canada. Thank You for the inspiration.
Toshio Saito wrote on September 30th, 2013
Now,at"「TBS VINTAGE CLASSICS SPECIAL」" http://ottava.jp/special/vintage_classics.html ,we can listen"RITOMICA OSTINATA"'s premire peformance by first version(this Page's Part 2,1:26:47~). Comparisoned present virsion,very different can be listened.By all means please listen this premire performing.
réjeanne wrote on January 11th, 2013
très bien
Orlando wrote on November 22nd, 2012
I grew up humming along to Akira-sans memorable theme to Gojira. Now my kids get to grow up, humming along as well... Thank you so much for all you have given this world.
ian porter wrote on October 3rd, 2012
Mr. Ifukube is my all time favorite composer!
Tom Hart wrote on August 29th, 2012
I have just been introduced to the work of いふくべ by Japanese writer Maumi Fukura. I am much more than delighted!
Lorena Bowser wrote on February 6th, 2012
The upgraded site and added biography information is excellent! I look forward to more insights into Ifukube-san's life and work. Thank you!!
Brittany Rodiger wrote on February 5th, 2012
Hi thanks for making this site as a Tribute to Akira Ifukube he was a great Man i Wish that I Could of met him and I Was wondering where his Grave Cemetery that would be very cool May you rest in Peace Akira Ifukube
kevin nunley wrote on January 22nd, 2012
i first heard his music in 1977 while growng up in the movie godzilla vs megalon and ever since i have loved his movie scores i own almost all of the godzilla movies and while writeing this i am listoning to his GODZILLA MARCH FOR BAND dome bye the TOKYO KOSEI WIND ORCHESTRA love his music he will live on in music and in our hearts and minds
D.C. Moon wrote on August 25th, 2011
Thank you for this long overdue online resource! I'm sure to be a frequent visitor!
Toranosuke Hayashi wrote on August 3rd, 2011
We will hold a concert including Ifukube's piece as described below.
Please contact me at [email protected] for free invitation ticket or other details.

♪♪♪♪ Orchestra “Davai” the 5th concert ♪♪♪♪
August 28 (Sunday), 2011, Open 13:00, Start 13:30 to about 16:00
at Sumida Triphony Hall, Sumida-ward, Tokyo, Japan. (from “Kinshicho” Station of JR line or Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line by walk (about 5 min.))

Shinji MORISHITA, Conductor.
Isao YAMAMOTO, Marinba.

Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov : Symphony No. 3 in A major
Akira Ifukube : Lauda concertata for marimba and orchestra
Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov : Sheherazade

Jennifer Batchler wrote on March 21st, 2011
Ian Sero wrote on March 18th, 2011
This website helped me with a research essay. Thank you!
Toshio Saito wrote on January 19th, 2011
If you allow, please link my site "Ifukube Akira wiki by secondry documents"

I'm sorry but this site is in Japanese only.
Will Melmoth wrote on January 2nd, 2011
I have loved the Godzilla score for many years and have been trying to find the sheet music. Also looking forward to hearing his other works.
Andrew wrote on October 20th, 2010
Love the site. I'm such a big Ifukube fan. Keep up the good work>
Toshio Saito wrote on February 6th, 2010
Why Nocturne's score was lost is not declared.I didn't hear it was sent to Halffter.And it was composed probably 1933.

Jongara Dance's element was used in 2nd mov. of Ballata Sinfonica ,but probably the two weren't completely same pieces.
Toshio Saito wrote on February 6th, 2010
Etenraku was performed in Sapporo.

Aiko is stage name.Ai is realy name.
Toshio Saito wrote on February 6th, 2010
Who corresponded with Copeland and Sevitzky was Miura.He introduced Ifukube to them.
Toshio Saito wrote on February 6th, 2010
Sorry,I mistook may address in recent comment.

Ifukube made friends with Atsushi Miura in junior high school.

Ohzawa Hisato is a very significant composer of Japan,but he didn't belong to any stream of Japan.Mainstream at that time was Kohsaku Yamada's German style.

Ifukube took Tcherepnin award in 1935.

In 1946 he moved to Kujira Nikko Tochigi-prefecture and he took post in university on Septemver,so he commuted between Tochigi and Tokyo until he moved to Tokyo in 1947.

Not for filmmusic,but he resigned his post in university for change of system in university.

He became the professor of the Tokyo College of Music in 1974 ,became President in 1976 and became the head of the school's Department of Ethnomusicolgy in 1985.I don't know when he resign President and became Professor emeritus.

Toshio Saito wrote on February 6th, 2010
I'm very glad to see how wonderful site.
I studied Ifukube at graduate school.So,I find some mistake in this site.Please let me point them.
I'm poor at IT,so can't use Gmail and so on.If you feel unpleasant to be read my comment,please delete it.
Richard Rivera wrote on January 31st, 2010
I am so glad this site is up. This composer never really believed how popular he was outside his native Japan. His work is one of masterful compositions. He is equal to the Jerry Goldsmiths, Bernard Hermanns, and Miklos ROzas. Im sometimes weep when I listen to his pieces as they can be deeply moving as much as exciting.
rob smith wrote on January 27th, 2010
have been in love with akira San's music for all of my life. why can't i find his compositions in my local music store at a reasonable price.
evaristo wrote on December 21st, 2009
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Denys wrote on September 30th, 2009
Thank you very much for making this informative site !
Yuri Nitta wrote on September 13th, 2009
It is happy to know this marvelous website. As a Japanese musician I will do conduct his works with a respect.
Thank you.
Godwin Borg wrote on June 1st, 2009
Akira Ifukube was one of the greatest musical geniuses of alltimes. His works encompass such a vast spectrum of genres and the amplitude and densit of his works is beyond words. It is an immense honour for me to start my label with a cd dedicated to his music. For more info and ordering please check www.kronosrecords.com
Hiroshi Igarashi/Male wrote on May 27th, 2009
From Fukui,Japan

Jun2006,our association hosted concert of"Lauda Concertata for Orchestra and Marimba" very successfully. And this May
just promoted concert with programme"Eglogue Simphonic for Orchestra and Koto with 20 strings" so successfully as well.
Fred Lobb wrote on May 4th, 2009
How I regret not having the chance to meet this remarkable gentleman and musical genius and to shake his hand. I wish I could have told him how inspiring his music is.
Enhubato - Enkhbat wrote on April 19th, 2009


Rest in peace&#12290;
Carlos Ortega wrote on January 13th, 2009
It's great to stumble upon a hidden treasure. I was looking for Keith Emerson's Godzilla info., and arrive here. Very nice!
From Caracas, Venezuela.
Kaleb wrote on January 10th, 2009
Akira Ifukube
<access denied> wrote on October 17th, 2008
You know, in 2006 I knew something bad was going to happen.......I'm actually ashamed I didn't pay respect to him on that day.
Christopher Allen wrote on September 28th, 2008
Ifukube-sama is my biggest influence and the reason why I got into music. In my opinion, Ifukube-sama is THE BEST MUSIC COMPOSER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurkikohtaus wrote on August 30th, 2008
After finally working through the 3 pieces on the Naxos CD (Sinfonia Tapkaara, Ritmica Ostinata and Symphonic Fantasia No. 1), I must say that I am quite impressed with this composer's music and am a won-over believer!
Rich Barnes wrote on March 7th, 2008
I love Ifukube. This is a wonderful website!
Tim Sidiropoulos wrote on October 21st, 2007
Better late than never.
Sam McMillan wrote on October 11th, 2007
This site just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work!
Luke Lepinski wrote on November 6th, 2006
Wow this site is building into something awesome! I wish I could find band/orchestra music scores for any of the Godzilla music. I'm looking everywhere for them! Any help would be awesome!
Pawel Slomski wrote on November 3rd, 2006
One of the Greatest composers of the whole world! Akira you are bigger than Godzilla!
Tom Wiseman wrote on October 21st, 2006
The soundtrack from the film "Godzilla"
is a brilliant example of Akira Ifukube
genius. Dark ambient tones of dread and horror are well developed. His "Prayer for Peace", song by children, is unforgetable. I just with I know what they were singing. Creativity is given to us by God, Akira Ifukube has given us a spiritualize emotional link to the transcendental.
Mark Olivarez wrote on September 17th, 2006
One of my favorite composers of all time. It's great to have a site dedicated to him.
Steven B. wrote on June 21st, 2006
Yes, indeed Mr. Ifukube is a talented maestro. I would think since he is a caring and emotional man, he'd want us to move on and listen to another great maestro. Like Uematsu. Now THERES a great musician. I listened to Ifukube for years through watching the many Godzilla movies. He is incredible. But, Uematsu, he's GODLY. Yep, keep up the good work. Ifukube! 1914-2006. Currently: Dead, Uematsu: Alive and Kickin'
Adam Thomas wrote on June 3rd, 2006
It's so sad that the man behind the music for Godzilla had to meet his maker but his works will live on in the heart of his fans forever. This is a great site dedicated to the late Mr. Ifukube keep it up!
Carlos Fiorelli wrote on May 19th, 2006

Matthew Prekup wrote on May 16th, 2006
Akira Ifukube's astounding music in contrast with the world of Godzilla has surpassed any worls i've ever seen, we 'ave truly lost one of our legends...
Robert Wilkins wrote on May 9th, 2006
Ifukube sama's music has always had a profound effect upon me. A great master whose genius will sorely missed by all.
Dick Bach wrote on May 2nd, 2006
I just bought and listened to the Naxos CD with three scores by Maestro Ifukube, and wanted to learn more. I was saddened to see that he died earlier this year, but his legacy will live on.
Mark wrote on April 29th, 2006
Thank you for making this site to honor this great man. Arigato and jane.
Mike Sutton wrote on April 29th, 2006
Thanks !! Akira Ifukube's Godzilla scores were the main reason I started collecting musical scores. I look forward to more posting on the site.
Iv wrote on April 23rd, 2006
Rest in peace and arigato Mr. Akira Ifukube.
Henry wrote on April 22nd, 2006
Rest in Peace, Maestro Ifukube.

And thank heavens somebody finally made a site like this.
Stephen Miller wrote on April 17th, 2006
rest in peace Ifukube. Your songs will be remembered forever
Tarease Roseborough wrote on April 16th, 2006
This a good site. Akira Ifukube is one of the best composer of all time. I think Godzilla movies will not be the same any more with out him composeing it or hereing his music on it. Akira Ifubube forever.
Drew Dobbs wrote on April 16th, 2006
Hajimemashte. I could say a great deal about how much Mr. Ifukube has moved me and inspired my music, but at the least I want to join the chorus as an artist and fan and say "yes! what a great thing to honor the work and the man". He was also lucky to live in a time and place to work with other such gifted artists as he did. Good luck to you, webmasters!
Travis Rutledge wrote on April 16th, 2006
It's nice to see such a wonderful musician honored in English. It's a shame that to the general American populace, he's nothing more than a cheesy monster composer, overlooking even how wonderful his film scores were; kaiju or no. It wieghed heavily on my heart to hear of his passing, and it certainly makes my day to find a site in his name with such integrity.
Ghost the Bat wrote on April 16th, 2006
Great site, im happy there finally is a site dedicated to the Late Maestro Ifukube!
Evan Sizemore wrote on April 15th, 2006
An awesome site with great potential--it's high time a webpage dedicated for Mr. Ifukube came around, and it has my complete support. Best wishes that it grows in size and popularity.
jeffree g. moore wrote on April 15th, 2006
best of luck with this site. maestro ifukube is my all-time favorite film composer and deserves all the honor that can be bestowed upon him in that capacity. more of his recordings should
be available in the U.S.!
Greg Jones wrote on April 14th, 2006
Great site!