Lisa Woolsey,MS,CCC-A,CNIM wrote on October 29th, 2009
Thank you Dr. Muni for your time and effort to promote neuromonitoring and encouraging our professional growth.
Marty wrote on September 19th, 2009
What material is the best to study for the Evoke Potentials test since I failed CNIM twice. Very confused, please help
Muni wrote on January 26th, 2009
Thank you Mark, I added this company into the List. Do let me know if there are any issues with this blog, and if there is any interesting neuromonitoring/neurotechnology news.

Mark Parker RN,CNIM wrote on October 4th, 2008
Just wanted give you an additional neuromonitoring company for your list.
(Neuromatrix) of Atlanta Georgia also known as Southern Neurophysiology.
Thanks have enjoyed veiwing your site.