Susan K's Guestbook

Jim wrote on May 24th, 2022
Hi Susan, thank you for another great issue of Susan's Daily Dose. To bad you can't see the smile and grin on our faces when we see you uploaded a new positive Daily Dose. I know everyone appreciates your efforts and they are awaiting your next Dose. I like to read, look at he beautiful pictures and listen to the music in the evening before I go to bed with a calming which helps me get to sleep. Good medicine for anyone. THANKS SUSAN. Looking forward o the next one.
Clara Bulens wrote on May 23rd, 2022
Oh my, tears and laughter. You touch so many parts of my life with each of your pages. May God continue to give you the time, effort and wisdom each page gives to us all. Take care and God bless. Clara from Iowa
Carol Mieczkowski wrote on May 21st, 2022
Good Morning Sweet Susan,
Another day of wonderful pictures, images, sayings and inspiration. God has given you so much talent and Bless you for sharing it with all of us. My favorite today was the saying about Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. The other day you had lovely Lilacs. I live in Rochester NY and we have a Lilac Festival every year at Highland Park that is full of different varieties .
People come from all around to see the Lilacs and attend the festival. It was so wonderful seeing the picture of the Lilacs and I could almost smell the fascinating aroma.
Thank You...Thank You...Thank You,

Jim wrote on May 21st, 2022
Yeah! Hi Susan, thanks again for your labor of love creating and sending out your Daily Doses. All of us so enjoy them so much. It is a highlight of my day when I check and see that there is a new Susan's Daily Dose published. Hope all my friends connect with your site. Just sent out your latest Daily Dose. Keep it up and stay healthy and safe. Gracious. Hope I spelled that right. I believe it is "thanks".
DarleneK wrote on May 20th, 2022
Just loved todays' page...Ave Marie was lovely....and the owl teapot was just it all..

Beck wrote on May 20th, 2022
You do awesome work. Love what you share with all of us. Snagged a couple of the Native American Graphic's. Read your notes and your verses. I like you pray for many and for our Country. Have a wonderful weekend.
Cindy wrote on May 20th, 2022
Tracy wrote on May 20th, 2022
Your page helps brighten my day. Thank you.
Kari wrote on May 19th, 2022
What a lovely site Susan! I enjoyed seeing all it had in it. Thank you and take care.
Hugs Kari
JACQUE tURLEY wrote on May 18th, 2022
Ingrid wrote on May 12th, 2022
Hi Susan, I always get your site forwarded by a friend, may I say Josie !!!,, and I'm always looking forward to reading what you post,, always so beautiful,, thanks for that,, hope all is well with you and the family,, we are now enjoying exceptionally nice spring weather, I hope you enjoy everything you like there too.
I wish you a nice weekend and see you next time, regards Ingrid.
Charlotte Miller wrote on May 12th, 2022
Susan, Thank you so very much for all the wonderful and beautiful things that you share with us! I am so thankful for you!
Betty Brounley wrote on May 12th, 2022
Thanks for the sweet pictures.
Jim wrote on May 12th, 2022
THANKS AGAIN. Always checking to enjoy the beauty of the children, flowers, country scenes and the beautiful front porches. Stay healthy and a safe. God loves you and we love you.
Sheryl Smith wrote on May 11th, 2022
Fun today. Especially enjoyed the children who were roller skating out of the Divk and Jane books.
Jim wrote on May 6th, 2022
Yeah!! Another great day having digested your Daily Dose today. Everything is great. Wonderful combination of music, flowers, animals, bikes, people and especially the beautiful children. The little blonde girl giving her boy friend a kiss while he looks like he is enjoying it. Reminds me of my wife and I when we were 19 and 18. Now we're both 85 and still smooching. Still loving it. It's a wonderful life. We've been truly blessed through the years. My heart goes out to those who lost love ones. Thank you Susan for your Daily Dose as it is good medicine for many who are hurting. God Bless you and thanks again for your love to all of us who enjoy your Daily Dose.
Josie Moonen wrote on May 5th, 2022
Thanks Susan for the smile this morning .. Your pages are all lovely and so neccasary in these times . We need more of these positivity . I hope you're doing okay , you and your family . have a belssed Mothersday Sunday .. I hope they will spoil you a lot . you deserve it !. Happy Mothersday from Josie from the Netherlands .
Jeanne Exworthy wrote on May 4th, 2022
All is fabulous - especially the Native American and Wolf. And, a lot of truth in the daily cartoon.
Russie wrote on May 4th, 2022
Loved everything especially the animation and abandoned. Loved the animated elephant best.
VICKI wrote on May 4th, 2022

Jacque wrote on May 4th, 2022
Oh my goodness, I am in love with all of it. You worked very hard on this one & it is just adorable, it is beautiful, it is darling, it was awesome , it was amazing, can I say more?
I just plain loved it Susan. Thank you for working on it so hard and putting it out for all of us to enjoy it. you are so gifted and talented. Bless you for your gift you have shared with us.
Ingrid wrote on May 3rd, 2022
Hi Susan ,,
Your site is always beautiful and yes the ferns look very nice on your terrace,, super beautiful that green,, enjoy everything you do, I do too,
until next time Ingrid .
SAM CHRISTOPHER JOSHUA wrote on May 3rd, 2022
Hi Susan, thank you for the post. The Scriptures is missing this time.
Wilma H. wrote on May 2nd, 2022
So sorry....I must be unable to get that 'special connection' to receive your wonderful page to come directly to my computer.....but I have a very kind friend that does forward your page to me.....thank goodness! I love your uplifting pages ... It brightens my world! Wish I knew how to do some magic on this end of the wire! Love you and your page! Happy Mother's Day to you and may we all remember our wonderful mothers that have risen and have gone before us. God bless!
Jim wrote on May 2nd, 2022
Thank you for today's Daily Dose. Been checking each day waiting for it. So happy when I check and there is your Daily Dose of positive thinking. Your porch looks great and I like the little kitten sitting there. Love the Deluxe Hamburger. I don't think I could get my big mouth around it. Beautiful photo of it. Sure appreciate your effort of producing the Daily Dose as often as you can. Thanks again for bringing happy thoughts and beautiful photos of flowers, children, etc.. Stay well and take care of yourself. THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU.
Louiselle wrote on May 2nd, 2022
Super j'adore les animé super ce blog bravo super bien fait
Bises Louiselle
Maxine D. wrote on May 2nd, 2022
I always love your pages and today I especially like the picture of the orange and white cat. It looks like the one I had as a teen. It broke my heart when I lost him.
Cindy wrote on May 2nd, 2022
Love it Have a blessed day. Always in my prayers
Cathy Rudy wrote on May 2nd, 2022
Love all the pages. It's finally spring in NY so those flower pictures are much welcome after the long winter!
Joan wrote on May 2nd, 2022
Hi from the UK, I just love your front porches pictures you send. We don't have them here in the UK so they are great delight to me. Look forward to receiving your daily dose.
Charlotte wrote on April 29th, 2022
Thank you so much for all the beautiful flowers! I love them so much! Have a great weekend!
Jim wrote on April 23rd, 2022
HOORAY!!!! Our Susan is back. Amazing what viewing Susan's Daily Dose does to one who looks and listen to all the positiveness. Thanks Susan for hanging in there and bringing joy and happiness to everyone. Hope your feeling well. God Bless and Thanks again.
EllenG wrote on April 23rd, 2022
THANKS, it's nice to read such positive things.....
Karin wrote on April 23rd, 2022
I read every single Daily Dose and am always happy to see the link in my inbox.
Cindy wrote on April 23rd, 2022
Jim wrote on April 21st, 2022
Good Morning Susan, we miss you and hope you are OK. Just a note to let you know we're thinking about you and pray all is well. Thanks again for all your wonderful uplifting doses we enjoy.
Jim wrote on April 17th, 2022
HAPPY EASTER SUSAN - HE IS RISEN - THANK GOD. Thank you as you continue bring joy and happiness with your Daily Dose pages when you can. May you experience special time with your family and grandchildren. Amazing how they have grown through the years. Beautiful young people and they are very fortunate to have you as their grandmother.
Blessings to all your family.
Ingrid wrote on April 15th, 2022
Hi Susan,, we also wish you happy Easter,, thank you for all the beautiful things on I site every time,
Take the rest to enjoy everything you like, love Ingrid.
Gail Plaskiewicz wrote on April 15th, 2022
I've saved all of your pages because they make me feel so happy to see them. I pass them on to family & friends who love them too & save them in folders like I do. Please keep doing them!
Carol Mieczkowsk wrote on April 14th, 2022
Hello Sweet Susan,
Your pages today were absolutely beautiful, wonderful and oh so inspiring. The pictures of the flowers made you almost feel that you could smell them. Your pages are made from your heart and they make my heart feel so blessed.
May the miracle of Easter bring you Faith, Hope, Love and Joy today and always.
Wishing you and your family A Happy Blessed Easter and lots of chocolate candy,
Peace and Prayers
Cindy wrote on April 14th, 2022
What a great page as always. Happy Easter I pay you have a blessed weekend
Clara Bulens wrote on April 14th, 2022
As always, your pages make me smile or bring tears to my eyes in a good way. The music is soothing and makes my day besides what you send to brighten up a day and make it special. You certainly are a blessing to all whom you send these great pages too. Thank you for taking the time to do them as we all know it takes a lot of patience, time and effort on your part.
Wilma H. wrote on April 14th, 2022
I am so blessed to be reconnected with you and your inspiring page after a long 'unconnection' due to computer change! I have missed receiving your page directly from you but did receive a forwarded page from a very good friend...thank goodness!! Any time without your wonderful page is just not the same! Love you and thank you so much for doing your magic to connecting me again so that I may receive this inspirational page! God bless you!!!!
Maxine D. wrote on April 14th, 2022
I love the little brown dog!! That old house seems to whisper secrets. Wish it could talk.
Maxine D. wrote on April 11th, 2022
I love all your pages and especially the poem near the end.
Cindy wrote on April 11th, 2022
Jim wrote on April 11th, 2022
Thanks again for the great uplifting to face another day. We're having loving weather in Florida. Ever think about moving to Florida? Keep warm and dry. Waiting for another dose. Stay healthy and safe. THANKS!!
Karin wrote on April 11th, 2022
Loved the page as usual; saved the picture of the front porch.
Wilma Holley wrote on April 10th, 2022
I love everything you have created not only on this page but all the one from the past. I saved so many of them but lost that 'savings' when I went to a new computer several years ago. When we changed e-mail addresses, I lost connection with you and missed my Daily Dose so very much! Fortunately a friend of mine has been forwarding this precious encouraging page to me.....God bless her giving heart! How I wish I could get connected with you once again but I've tried and something didn't work......but I can get to see what my friend forwards!
May God bless and keep you always! Stay safe! Love you and your posting!
Cindy wrote on April 9th, 2022
I love all the pages you post GOD BLESS
Paula Vannoy wrote on April 8th, 2022
Your pages are always so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for all the hard work to produce them.
Maxine D. wrote on April 8th, 2022
Today's page is especially nice. Thank you for making it a fun day. I wouldn't be able to deal with that kitchen mess.
Valerie wrote on April 8th, 2022
Susan:.. Thank you for making your lovely "Daily Dose"... it is so colorful and I look forward to looking at it.. it puts a smile on my face.
Lynne wrote on April 8th, 2022
I love your pages! I love everything you do with it. I just wish you would share more animals. Thank you for all you do.. :) God bless you.
Carol wrote on April 8th, 2022
I so loved seeing the Kitchen. And the Loretta salt. My Mum's name was Loretta. Her friends called her Lottie.
The flowers, the animation and the words of inspiration . I loved them and I so look forward to each and every daily dose that you send. You are a dear and precious blessings.
You take time and work so hard creating a wonderful site that means to much to me and I am sure that it means a lot to others.
Be sure to take time for yourself and enjoy each and every day.
Thank You My Sweet Susan
Jeanne wrote on April 8th, 2022
Can smell the bacon!
Liz Marr wrote on April 8th, 2022
You are such an Inspiration Susan and I am so grateful for Your time and You in putting this together for us! Love and Hugs!
Jacqueline wrote on April 8th, 2022
I love your pages each and every one of them you put your heart & soul into them. Thank you for all your heart loving work you do for all of us. God bless you sweet lady. Happy Fri.
to you and family. Stay safe & well.
Wolfie (Kay) wrote on April 7th, 2022
Once again today pages are so great, the flowers, animation, quotes just all of it. Thank you always Susan for all the work you do to put your pages together so we can all enjoy each one.
sandy warner wrote on April 7th, 2022
I LOVE your web site especially the quotes, a lot of them go in my quote book.
Russie wrote on April 7th, 2022
Love the abandoned picture and animation pics. Thank you Susan for brightening my days, love your captions too.
Joy Phelps wrote on April 7th, 2022
A dear friend sent me a link to your website and I am enthralled! It is going to take awhile to look through all of it and I certainly do look forward to doing so. God has given you a lovely gift that you are using so wisely. Thanks so much.
Dale wrote on April 7th, 2022
I always enjoy your pages that you send out....beautiful photos, etc.
Jim wrote on April 7th, 2022
You did it again. Love the music, photos and quotes. Look forward to seeing each of your new creations each time you post. Hope all is well with you and your family and the grown up grandchildren. The best to you.
jIM wrote on April 5th, 2022
As usual another great Daily Dose even if it is shorter. Always positive and I love all the photos. You are "SPECIAL" and everyone appreciates you bringing joy and the enjoyment of our eyes with the beauty of flowers and all the other wonderful pictures and quotes, etc.. Thanks again Susan.
Wolfie (Kay) wrote on April 5th, 2022
Love the page of today and that picture of you is so good. Thanks for all you do putting the pages together so that we might enjoy.
Ingrid wrote on April 5th, 2022
Hi Susan ,,
so beautiful that it is always here, that makes a person happy,, always the beautiful appropriate images always with the beautiful music in the background,,
let it go well with you yes spring summer are busier days,, for other things,, but we don't forget you,,
take care and greetings from Ingrid .
Annette Zervoudakes wrote on April 5th, 2022
Love your Dose! Be well Hugs Annette
José Moonen wrote on April 5th, 2022
Hi Susan . It always makes me happy when I receive your Daily dosis , fully of lovely delicious and postieve things .
Keep the good things coming especially now in ths chaotic world .
Stay healthy and happy .
Love to you and your family .
Angela Mary wrote on April 5th, 2022
Thank you so lovely today. all of it...and uplifting. they warmed the cockles of my heart.. x take care my friend
Wendy wrote on April 5th, 2022
This is the first time I read your web page - really enjoyed it and with I had found your site a long time ago. I have loved house mouse for many years and it was a nice surprise to see them here. I will go back and look at your other issues.
SAM CHRISTOPHER JOSHUA wrote on April 5th, 2022
Hi Susan, Thanks for your great efforts. Regards and prayers.
Rosa Marie wrote on April 5th, 2022
You know I love your pages. I sure hope you are feeling good. Keep up the pages I love the oldies and forgotten...

Cindy wrote on April 5th, 2022
This is great as always. You and your family are always in my prays GOD BLESS
Regina Llop wrote on April 4th, 2022
I just love your pages. And that picture of you is wonderful.
Dale wrote on April 4th, 2022
I always enjoy seeing your pages....some bring back good memories to me too!!
SUZY wrote on March 29th, 2022
jACQUE tURLLEY wrote on March 29th, 2022
Jeanne wrote on March 28th, 2022
Really like "lost and abounded" .
Terry Graves wrote on March 28th, 2022
Carol wrote on March 27th, 2022
Hello Sweet Susan,
Another super awesome pages today. My favorite was the Teddy Bear with a card and the heart stamp.
Thank you take care and stay safe and do something special today just for you.
Jim Bowman wrote on March 27th, 2022
Hi Susan, the whole page today is lovely. Especially loved the Good Manners. Hope you're feeling well.
Sheryl Smith wrote on March 27th, 2022
Especially liked the song and front porch today. Thank you!
Brenda wrote on March 27th, 2022
Love the song “Forever Young’” on your dose today! Thank you for sharing..
Joan Cole wrote on March 27th, 2022
Another beautiful page. I don't know how you manage to do this, it would be a fulltime job just organizing and coming up with all these wonderful pictures and quotes, thank you for doing this. You have no idea how inspiring these pages are in a time when there is so much sadness in the world, you give us such beauty and take our minds to another place for just a little while.
JIM - Palm Harbor, Florida wrote on March 27th, 2022
Hi Susan, enjoy one of your Daily Doses each day. Even go back and enjoy them again along with the great music. Really enjoyed the floral dose of flowers. Beautiful. Keep it up girl. Thanks
Emmy Androvette wrote on March 26th, 2022
Flowers were BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing
Joan Harré wrote on March 26th, 2022
Susan thank you so much for bringing us such beautiful pages they cheer me up immensely
LOUISELLE wrote on March 26th, 2022
Magnifique j'adore BW
Carol Mieczkowski wrote on March 25th, 2022
Hello Sweet Susan,
I absolutely love all the beautiful flowers that you have on your site. Your site brings me inspiration, joy and imagination. God has given you so much talent and it is so kind of you to share it will all of us.
I collect sayings and here is one I think that you might like.
Flowers are like friends...they bring you joy and they bring joy to our world.
Bless you and have a blessed day,
Tatty wrote on March 25th, 2022
Hello Girl... lovely page. So peaceful and beautiful. Love the flowers.
Clara Bulens wrote on March 25th, 2022
When you write, we all know you are doing ok. With everything you have endured it is great to hear from you via your Daily Dose. As always, they warm the heart and soul of many. Thanks for your continued patience, time and effort to produce this wonderful page.
Jeanne E wrote on March 25th, 2022
Thank you for the beautiful page.
Cathy Edwards wrote on March 25th, 2022
I love and enjoy all of your pages, and the new floral one is such a treat! Thank u so much for all u share with us!!!
pam keller wrote on March 25th, 2022
BETTY wrote on March 25th, 2022
Judy Zaring wrote on March 25th, 2022
The first thing I do every morning is to check to see if I got a new page from you.
When I do find one I am especially happy. Thank you for all you do!
Jodi wrote on March 25th, 2022
Beautiful flowers.
Thank You!
Sylvia wrote on March 25th, 2022
Flowers are one of God's most beautiful creations and I so love all the bright colors. Thank you for sharing these lovely pages that bring smiles and warm sunny thoughts of spring.
Maureen Lynn wrote on March 24th, 2022
I love the flower page!
DarleneK wrote on March 24th, 2022
Susan, just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the floral page. Lovely reminder Spring is sprung.
Love it.
Marcia wrote on March 24th, 2022
I love your flower page!
Jackie Maleck wrote on March 24th, 2022
Susan, your pages are like a gift--thank you!
I know they all take time and work--but please know--they are appreciated

Roxie wrote on March 24th, 2022
Flowers are a Heavenly gift--thank you, God.
& thank you, Susan, for sharing the beautiful pics!
happycanuk wrote on March 24th, 2022
Hi Susan. Just wanted to thank you for doing all these lovely pages. Loved all the flowers. I could almost smell them lol
Jackie wrote on March 24th, 2022
Love the flowers. I learned to love them from my father. He always had flowers in the yard when I was young. I lost him in 91 and I still miss him terribly. Your flowers reminded me of his gardens and at 71 it made me remember the time when I was young and jumped from the roof of the house into his rosebush. That was the only time he gave me a paddling. I remember him saying "Your a girl act like one and not like a boy"
Pat wrote on March 24th, 2022
Love your pages and the flowers!!!
Maxine D. wrote on March 24th, 2022
Love the flowers (and the new guest book!!!)
Anne wrote on March 24th, 2022
Way to go, Susan
Linda wrote on March 24th, 2022
Hi, I like the flowers :)
Mary wrote on March 24th, 2022
I loved your floral page Susan and I do hope you keep it going. It is very calming and beautiful Hugs and love Mary xx
Regina Llop wrote on March 24th, 2022
Hi, Susan - love getting your pages. Hugs, Regina

Susan Kistler wrote on March 24th, 2022
This is just a test ....