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earl wrote on January 20th, 2023
hello! i love your music choices for each page and the site is really pleasant to explore :]
pompom wrote on January 18th, 2023
Very cozy and your music choices for each page really complement the page contents! I love all the Richard Scarry on your site too ^^
DivergentRays wrote on December 10th, 2022
Just taking a stroll through all the pages I follow - love the Christmas theme!
erie wrote on December 7th, 2022
HEY ARNOLD SHRINE??? this is so wicked awesome... thank you for introducing me to the HA! fansites i never knew existed! instant follow :}
ivory wrote on November 16th, 2022
i love your art and webstie!!
NIKKI wrote on October 29th, 2022
thank for the good vibes and bringing me back to the 2000s <3333
Becky wrote on October 7th, 2022
Ahhhh your site is so cute and inspiring, I'm obsessed with the adoptables!
Themby wrote on September 10th, 2022
This site is really cute and I love your adoptables! Your photos are really lovely too. I could be wrong, but I think I may have visited some of the locations during a holiday I took a few years ago. It made me very nostalgic for that trip, so thank you!
blanketfort wrote on September 5th, 2022
your adoptables are so cute! <3 i've adopted Pekkle and added your button to my site :3
pom wrote on August 25th, 2022
wow ur site is so cute!!!! i love your art, big pixels is such a neat look <3
Hayley wrote on July 25th, 2022
Love your artwork and pixel work! Keep it up!
eddy wrote on July 16th, 2022
your sites homepage is to die for! teach me sensei!
creaturefeature wrote on July 1st, 2022
cool graphics collection
Vencake wrote on June 29th, 2022
Cute site also I couldn't help but see lazytown mentioned on your about page and it reminds me when I used to watch it omg lmao
alloflove wrote on June 27th, 2022
hello! i love your website, and your artwork is so lovely!
fawnie wrote on June 9th, 2022
ur site is so comfortable !! <3
galactixstar wrote on June 7th, 2022
Your website is so lovely! :)
sleepy sage wrote on May 26th, 2022
tysm for adding me to your links page! love your site <3
empeethree wrote on May 23rd, 2022
saying hi because Neocities offers paradise for our eyes as we scroll the pages.
yupthatsme wrote on April 9th, 2022
**sorry, I had a typo. I meant to say "I love" instead of "used".
yupthatsme wrote on April 9th, 2022
thanks for the follow!i used your 'quizzes' section - it reminds me of the pages from the days of geocities and tripod! your dollz page is a dream, too!
machine_cat wrote on April 2nd, 2022
This is a cute site!
Pepyo wrote on March 28th, 2022
This site looks great for a site done so recently! Hope it gets popular >:D