Diane Hawley

Peggy O’Flaherty wrote on September 9th, 2021
A lovely feisty lady
I’ll miss you Diana
Dennis Wallac wrote on September 8th, 2021
Jeff and Jerry’, Your Mum and Dad were central parts of our lives for, probably, over 40 years. Always, they were the couple who could build a rock wall - and your Mum had the perfect mortar mix with adhesive in it, repair a boat, volunteer for the LOWISA and help neighbours with a sailboat problem - us. Diana was cheerful, helpful, organized - think of the Kendall Inlet Road Board - and willing to do the right thing at every turn. She and Bob were an indivisible team whether it was raising the boys, building or planning for travel south. The Hawley’s were a mainstay in Kendall Inlet. We will miss Diana. Donna and Dennis Wallace
Glenn Hawley wrote on September 5th, 2021
It's been years since I've been out east to see Uncle Bob and Aunt Di, when they were still living at Kendall Inlet where the old cottage boathouse used to be.

She was the last survivor of my dad's generation, he and his three brothers, and now all their spouses, having passed on.

DOnna Coulter wrote on September 1st, 2021
I met Bob and Diana when working at Ministry of Transportation. They were the backbone of the Kenricia Local Roads Board, working hard improving the Local Roads Board to what it is today.
Diana & I would talk “south” & our time there…..we became friends.
When she told me she was diagnosed with cancer, she said “I am going to fight this with all I have”!
Your fight is over. Rest In Peace, Diana.
Terri and Hart Armstrong wrote on August 31st, 2021
So sorry to read of your Mom’s passing and that of your Dad. A few years back we had dinner at your parents place in Florida. What a wonderful, delicious meal we were treated to that evening. We visited your parents with my sister and brother in law Donna and Dennis Wallace who were neighbours at Kendall Inlet. You’re memories will be cherished and I suspect help to sustain you at this time. Terri and Hart
Helen Hawkins wrote on August 31st, 2021
My deepest sympathies to your family - I met Diana &Bob at Pinnacle Port - I would email Diana after Bob died - at first to give her the Pinnacle Port & then we just carried on -she talked of her treatments & what else was going on - very newsy & always upbeat - never complained - What a wonderful experience to carry on an “email friendship “ than you Diana
Dan Reynard wrote on August 31st, 2021
Jeff I’m sorry to read of your Mom’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.