no matter how u dance & no matter how you shake it: FURTHER DOWN THE DRAIN

Orion Curtis wrote on February 13th, 2022
comet wrote on October 24th, 2021
reine spĆ¼lerei
ceramicswirlsbutquiet wrote on October 24th, 2020
ihold detestment for toilet bathrooms but i like tiles and forever since memory recalls i would see different drawing ideas or faces or loose pieces of hair in the shape of faces while sitting on the toilet so i never read anything in there and to this day i ahve yet to try and draw any of the floor pictures that my mind made these characters only exist privately, outside the toilet door they're ignored.
Clara Wong wrote on October 9th, 2020
i find peeace here
santi wrote on September 28th, 2020
ants in my stomach and from there to the bath

Valerie You wrote on September 27th, 2020
Beautifully indigestible
Fuxian HI VIZ Language Advisor wrote on September 26th, 2020
Pit stop. Chop some logs. I have the turtle poking his head. Take the wood out to the courtyard. Throw another log on the fire. Going for a whizz. Nature calling. Lube up the rusty star fish.
THE BOTTOM wrote on September 26th, 2020
Everything's blue
Everything's blue in this world
All fuzzy
Spilling out of my head
flappy wrote on September 26th, 2020
constant sucking sound (AC, heating, drains, bathtub)

There is a constant rhythmic sucking/tapping sound coming from one of our upstairs bathtub drains. I know it's the drain because if you close it, the sound gets softer. This goes on whether or not there is water in the tub. Rhythmic, constant, 24/7. The water drains just fine when we use the tub. No other noises anywhere else in the house. Any ideas?

lil glyph wrote on September 23rd, 2020
i kept this ball of purple grape laffy taffy in my jacket pocket for the whole summer of year 3 and additional small items which stuck to it like buttons, leaves. because i thought one day i might be called upon to produce specific combinations of items, in order to save the world from some kind of certain doom. but eventually this taffy semi-liquified and broke down into a kind of congealed sticky syrup attracting fire ants to my pocket, which i yet housed in my pocket enduring occasional bites, unwilling to discard the taffy in case this could spell doom for us all, until my mom secretly threw the jacket in the bin. months later i still carried the anxiety of being helpless in the face of possible disaster.
Spoog wrote on September 21st, 2020
poignant? don't forget pungent ! haha
Fable wrote on September 20th, 2020
Mum gave me a banana and I stuffed it in the vhs machine in kindergarten but they found it
Arthur wrote on September 20th, 2020
when I was thirteen I made a saucepan so messy I threw it on the roof of the vet behind my house rather than clean it. I can still see it
taxi wrote on September 19th, 2020
When the lights go out, Neon lights appear When the lights go out, Neon lights appear When the lights go out, Neon lights appear When the lights go out, Neon lights appear

Zizekspam wrote on September 19th, 2020
It is often said that today, with our exposure to the media, culture of public confessions and instruments of digital control, private space is disappearing. One should counter this: it is the public space proper that is disappearing. The person who displays on the web his or her naked images or intimate data is not an exhibitionist: exhibitionists intrude into the public space, while those who post their naked images on the web remain in their private space and are just expanding it to include others.
Sean K wrote on September 19th, 2020
Strangely poignant
Dill Malique wrote on September 19th, 2020
Best show in the universe!
Prem Perfect wrote on September 19th, 2020
Ava n Torre's is so guuuuud
kwan wrote on September 19th, 2020
pee poop man in da house yo