Ton Dietz wrote on August 20th, 2023
Dag Hans, voor het Maandblad Filatelie maak ik een overzicht van filatelistische websites per provincie. In welke provincie (en welke plaats) woon jij? graag even een bericht naar [email protected]
PENHA-GARCIA JOAO wrote on December 16th, 2022
[email protected]
PENHA-GARCIA JOAO wrote on December 15th, 2022
First of all, congratulations for your great job, it is fantastic.
I'm from Portugal and a crazy collector of train stamps of all the world countries.
I have some stamps of Belgique that are not in your train catalogue i don´t know why, that i would like to show you, of the year 1935.
Please indicate a mail so i can sent you a pdf file with the pictures of the stamps.
Thanks and regards.
Martien Romme wrote on October 11th, 2022
Een erg complete en goede site. Ik verzorg mede de nieuwtjes in het tijdschrift de Eisenbahn Motiv Sammler. Ik ben graag bereid om de ontdekte nieuwe uitgiftes met elkaar uit te wisselen. Graag ontvang ik je e-mail adres.
W wrote on June 8th, 2022
Hele mooie site! Proficiat.
Meer mooie treinzegels op www.philamaxx.com onder kopje "PPZ"
Aldo Farneti - Italy wrote on November 27th, 2021
Your site is amazing. You did a relly incredible work. I found from google... Great. Can you answer me in private way? Thanks Aldo
Jim Bryant wrote on April 23rd, 2021
The UK-based Railway Philatelic Group is holding its Annual General Meeting as a virtual event on Saturday 25th September this year and as the person developing the programme I wondered whether you might be able to suggest some individuals who could be willing to deliver a short presentation (30 mins + questions) on any subject of mutual interest? At this stage the exact form of the programme has not been finalised as it will depend on the level of interest we obtain but I'd be very happy to discuss this with any prospective speaker. When we have a programme of course your members would be most welcome to join our session as guests.
GN wrote on February 17th, 2021
C.F. Riem wrote on November 7th, 2020
Nice to see lot's of the stamps I created on your site!
Rafiq omri wrote on July 11th, 2020

My name is rafiq omri from morocco, my hobby is the collecting postage stamps.
I have sent you to get free samples or catalogs or stamps or anything of you...thank you.
My address is :
Rafiq omri
Hay jdid nord S
N 234
Ben guerir
HV wrote on June 20th, 2020
Please, leave a message in which you tell me whether you found this site useful or not (if not: why?) and whether you were actually looking for specific information or just stumbled upon my site. Did you find what you were looking for?
HV wrote on April 21st, 2020
Werkt het?