AVLifesavers Product Suggestions

Albert Eugene Rettich wrote on April 19th, 2020
There was a guy in Chicago making small intercom two belt pack power supplies. I was wondering if you knew he might be? He sold them on eBay, and I bought a bunch, but now need more. Just wondering if you knew him?
bill charron wrote on March 2nd, 2020
looking for 3.5mm trrs to male xlr and female xlr for conference out of a laptop to a mixer
Luke Schroder wrote on February 23rd, 2020
A box to insert an XLR feed into a comms line. I.e. a talkback mic from a music director on stage into the comms line. Essentially a reverse solution to inserting a comms line into a sound desk.
G wrote on February 17th, 2020
Cortlandt Ingram wrote on February 16th, 2020
A simple Ethercon tester that you can test cables already deployed. Most CAT5 testers Are a send receive style so I can test a cable that ran through conduit for example. Can’t find an Ethercon tester like this. Most are built into a multi test box so you have to have both ends of the cable at the tester which is not ideal, and having to take the Ethercon apart so you can the normal cat5 tester is a pain as you wind up loosing the little strain reliefs, and carrying little pigtails and couplers to make the standard CAT5 testes is a pain as well. Thanks and Cheers