AVLifesavers Product Suggestions

Michael Rice wrote on October 2nd, 2020
A solution like this that would work with a push to talk microphone/ ear piece like Motorola radios use,
that works with wireless com belt pack's (four pin)
Ryan S wrote on September 15th, 2020
I'm interested in a box that combines a ClearCom belt pack and a sound console's headphones and talkback into a standard ClearCom headset. The box would have volume knobs for both sources, and talk buttons for both sources.
Robert Booth wrote on August 21st, 2020
The Mini XLR mixer is a great looking product (I will buy one when I have a few extra dollars). But there is a bigger need for vloggers who need really small passive mixing with mini-plug mics. See this guy's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBdx0FDD5zE for his rather lame video mic product. What he needs is a way to keep his lav mic and mix a forward facing cardioid mic for what he's shooting (and still be really small to fit UNDER his camera. Could a Mini XLR be made WITHOUT XLR inputs and reduced in size and weight?
Aaron wrote on August 19th, 2020
An interface for connecting an intercom system to two way radios. So others with a walkie talkies can speak/hear on coms
Matthew Lewis wrote on May 30th, 2020
I saw a tour one time that had a converter that lets them take an XLR feed out of a Motorola CP200 radio. They used this to allow their stage managers to page out of their radios by mounting a radio at the page system. The radio was on a dedicated channel that the SMs switched over to. I haven't been able to find a converter like this anywhere and think it would be great to have!
Dustin koykas wrote on May 30th, 2020
a passive momentary switch for a singer who is also band leader and uses a talkback mic with his band on in ears
1 mic two outs for different levels in in ears and communication. Radial makes one that us active but I find ut to be unreliable which is strange for that company.
Albert Eugene Rettich wrote on April 19th, 2020
There was a guy in Chicago making small intercom two belt pack power supplies. I was wondering if you knew he might be? He sold them on eBay, and I bought a bunch, but now need more. Just wondering if you knew him?
bill charron wrote on March 2nd, 2020
looking for 3.5mm trrs to male xlr and female xlr for conference out of a laptop to a mixer
Luke Schroder wrote on February 23rd, 2020
A box to insert an XLR feed into a comms line. I.e. a talkback mic from a music director on stage into the comms line. Essentially a reverse solution to inserting a comms line into a sound desk.
G wrote on February 17th, 2020
Cortlandt Ingram wrote on February 16th, 2020
A simple Ethercon tester that you can test cables already deployed. Most CAT5 testers Are a send receive style so I can test a cable that ran through conduit for example. Can’t find an Ethercon tester like this. Most are built into a multi test box so you have to have both ends of the cable at the tester which is not ideal, and having to take the Ethercon apart so you can the normal cat5 tester is a pain as you wind up loosing the little strain reliefs, and carrying little pigtails and couplers to make the standard CAT5 testes is a pain as well. Thanks and Cheers