Forever Flenorl

Lauryn, Maya and Kayden Jones wrote on June 22nd, 2019
Congrats and May God bless you both on your journey as husband and wife!
Connie White wrote on June 22nd, 2019
I am so proud and excited for you. God is so good and He has a great plan for your lives. I wish you the best and enjoy everyday life. Connie
Andrew Nesh wrote on June 21st, 2019
Super excited for this day!! Love you both
Uncle Johnny and Aunt Candace Morgan wrote on June 20th, 2019
So happy for you both and praying to many years of happiness, togetherness, peace, harmony and a strong spiritual bond to ensure you all lean on each other through the good times, tough times, happy times, sick times and always keep the Flenorl business at home and seek wise counsel that is on your team to ensure you win and prayer in those moments when you struggle to agree to disagree. Love conquers all and prayer keeps you united as one!!
Aliah and Eric Berman wrote on June 18th, 2019
We are so happy for you both and honored to be a part of your wedding celebration! We send so much love and blessings your way!! Crystal - you are such a fun, warm, loving, giving person with incredible energy and an amazing spirit and it's truly a blessing you found someone equally incredible :)
Rayna Andrews wrote on June 18th, 2019
Crystal and Diante, I am so excited about your union. You are two amazing people and are an example of love sustained. I wish you the very best on your life journey together. May God continue to bless you and your lineage.
Jarrod & Bridget wrote on June 15th, 2019
We are so happy for you guys!!! We pray that the Lord bless your union with infinite love!!!
Jarrod & Bridget wrote on June 15th, 2019
We are so happy for you guys!!! We pray the Lord bless you union with infinite love!!!
Oscar, Janice and Joel Bond wrote on May 27th, 2019
God Bless you both! So happy that as a couple, you will continue to be part of our Pilgrim Rest Family!
Tammy Flenorl-Brown wrote on April 29th, 2019
CONGRATULATIONS! ...on making the decision to honor God in your commitment. Your partnership is the most important thing about setting this special time to ask family and friends to be a part of the celebration. Never let your courtship stop. Wishing you both many years of celebrating "fantabulous" anniversaries!
Teresa (Flenorl) McFerren wrote on February 27th, 2019
It’s about time Cousin! Congratulations to you both! Welcome to family Chrystal. I wish a lifetime of love & happiness to you both! Love ya!
Gaibrelle Safford wrote on December 19th, 2018
It's a beautiful thing to be able to see your friend find their person in this world. Congrats again Crystal & D!! I can't wait to celebrate such an important moment in your lives with you two!! Love you much!!
William Collins wrote on December 18th, 2018
Well, what can I say?! I am so unbelievably thrilled for the amazing couple! I'm so blessed to have witnessed your union from the very beginning and I've see the evolution of two individuals become a Milwaukee Power Couple! Congratulations!!! To see my best friend/sister marry the man of her dreams is so awesome. I'm so grateful to be gaining a true brother as well. Can't wait to stand up for you all on that magical day! Much love!
Unique Handford-Briggs wrote on December 18th, 2018
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Keep GOD first and you will be able to conquer all obstacles together. Marriage is a beautiful thing. There’s nothing like it when you have the right person by your side.
Marquayla S Ellison wrote on December 17th, 2018
Sis! I am so happy for you and D! I so excited for this special day!
Mom and Dad Morgan wrote on December 17th, 2018
We are so proud of our beautiful daughter, Crystal and we love our son in law, Diante! We can't wait to celebrate you both in June!
- Love Mom and DAd