comments page/guestbook of kawaii!!!!!!!

Mika wrote on September 6th, 2022
wen day is dark, alway rember happy day :)
blobfishious wrote on July 27th, 2022
sweet website!!! you seem cool :^DD
wakawaka wrote on June 17th, 2022
waaa ur website is very kawaii and sugoi :3
umlikewhatever wrote on June 11th, 2022
i love this website you are so cool and good ! wrote on June 1st, 2022
awesomesauce webzite!!! im stealin 3rd impact button hehhehe (credited dw :D )

kool mathz hackz:
>>if u need to intergrate smth which is symettrical about teh y axis (even function) between -a and a, u can just intergrate between 0 and a and double the result (save time with big&complicated things!!!)

>>whenever u need to integrate smth like:



always use a trig substitution!! use whatever will result in smth like integralof(1)du : get yr 1/(blabla) and the derivative to cancel out using trig or hyperbolic identities

dunno if these will help but they're all i can think of elohel wrote on May 29th, 2022
I saw you comment under my site n your site is literally so incredible!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun going thru your pages I might even do it again xD
Some guy wrote on May 15th, 2022
cool website! i love touhou too!
Junko Touhou wrote on May 13th, 2022
This is the most beautiful page I've seen on my whole life, my biggest appreciations for the hard work put behind it and all the information at hand. I agree with the user under this message.
very cool anon wrote on May 13th, 2022
very cool website
solgaleo wrote on April 27th, 2022
lovely page im having so much fun looking thru it
monoko wrote on April 24th, 2022
dis website rulez!!! xD \m/
Lightning McQueen wrote on April 19th, 2022
kiellj wrote on March 19th, 2022
i love your website awesome recipes
Kale wrote on February 14th, 2022
yuh material gworl
Mimi wrote on February 9th, 2022
Oh em gee finally a German NC site! I can practice at last
guy who drives a john deere truck wrote on January 29th, 2022
nice website wrote on November 27th, 2021
i am real
CaptainJObvious wrote on November 14th, 2021
I love this.
Arez wrote on October 27th, 2021
I LOVE YOUR PAGE!! :D Glad to see a fellow Teto lover around ^-^ Also Miku X Luka for the win!! Linked you on my page uwu
yishay wrote on August 27th, 2021
nice site fren
b wrote on June 8th, 2021
toasterpan wrote on March 2nd, 2021
reisen is number so good site
8055 wrote on December 25th, 2020
If you know yasunaposter on /s4s/, tell them Hi, friend.
94673 wrote on December 23rd, 2020
Good to see someone who is also a fan of Meiko. She's underrated. I hope she'll get a new voicebank someday.
Nia wrote on October 26th, 2020
this is like my favourite site, its so cute and comfy, thank u for sharing!!
* wrote on June 2nd, 2020
bery nice website BUT U DONT LIKE POTATOES WTF?!?!?!?!?!!!
me wrote on May 22nd, 2020
bruh your knowledge page is severely lacking in pictures of patchi patchooly
seth wrote on May 21st, 2020
i love dis site :D i also like voca n 2hu!!
𝑚𝑖𝑑𝑑𝑙𝑒𝑝𝑜𝑡 wrote on May 9th, 2020
your site is the happiest thing.. makes me so nostalgic, aaaa i love everything about it ♡
rosie wrote on March 23rd, 2020
hi i love ur website
tbh 12 y/o me would've made something like this too asfdgfjhk
hiroto-sama wrote on March 18th, 2020
uwuu so sugoi desu! ur website be vibin an i vibe wit dat
arashi wrote on March 18th, 2020
this vibes sooo hard i love it a lot x3
Doug Finster wrote on February 28th, 2020
You make my kokoro go dokidoki! <3
Scarlet~B wrote on January 16th, 2020
O M G! I've been on this site forever and every day, I wake up and get right online! I love it so much, such a great community of people! It's so kawaii, too!!
Anonymouse wrote on January 14th, 2020
Whoa, look at them toohoos!
P.S. it's my year, please celebrate and look forward to it!
nice wrote on November 13th, 2019
bery ncedin cicpjw nq
Chump wrote on August 15th, 2019
Captcha is NOT nice.
bepv wrote on May 21st, 2019
i like this wbesite
anonymous wrote on May 5th, 2019
This website is the peak of artistic perfection.
amb wrote on April 29th, 2019
so glad u shared this beautiful collection of thoughts feelings and vibes
bury ebil wrote on April 10th, 2019
this is ebil site
melody wrote on February 26th, 2019
this is a really great site! I've spent a few days kinda reading it in class when I was supposed to be doing work, which is "cheeky cunt" material but nonetheless fun >u>
hey I hope you have a great day, it's been wonderful fun reading all this neat stuff, thanks for putting yourself out there
nick wrote on February 8th, 2019
dear missir borry pink. your wib sat was moist enjoyed. thanks u. hae a lovely dee ay.
Misty wrote on January 27th, 2019
Your site is so cool! It must've taken you so much work to make it in three different languages!
Stefff wrote on September 16th, 2018
suberb site comrade
yumiko chabashira wrote on August 4th, 2018
good job! i like this page
anon wrote on July 8th, 2018
this is nice webpage
Hyn wrote on June 8th, 2018
GOSH I love yr site!! It's the BEST.
PRINCESS TOOTS wrote on March 30th, 2018
moltern wrote on January 17th, 2018
yeah I like that site a lot it's funny
Teddie wrote on January 3rd, 2018
your site is so kawaii desu~~!! i love all of your glittery graphics and cute anime girls~ so moe~ also, excellent taste in anime--Azumanga Daioh is my fav too! ♥
Xenon_Laggs wrote on December 23rd, 2017
Why are there so many gifs?
Scarlet~B wrote on August 17th, 2017
owner of this is nic ewebsite wrote on July 12th, 2017
omg i got my comment page to finally work!!! it looks so sugoi desu!!