Let us know you were here!!

MELANIE ALCEE wrote on December 15th, 2019
My school gives so much enjoyment.
Shelba Lionel wrote on November 14th, 2017
I am proud to be a product of motto- Hard work leads to success of RDACS. Even the more reason why I will pass this legacy to my children.
Giddel Louisy wrote on March 3rd, 2017
This school is great.It is filled with lots of awesome events.Three cheers for RDACS!
Joy Jean wrote on February 19th, 2017
I love this school
Myah Mathurin wrote on February 2nd, 2017
I love my grade five teacher
Apprepo Smith wrote on January 28th, 2017
A school rich in history but a theme that continues throughout the years is the staff (teachers, ancillary, clerical, principal) genuinely want to give the students their best chance. Kinda like a family. Hats off to all staff past and present of this wonderful establishment.
Fercinta Athil wrote on January 27th, 2017
I am truly honoured to be a part of the staff here at such a great school. The website looks amazing!!! Job well done to all the hard working individuals who put this together.
Joyann Nuptial wrote on January 26th, 2017
This school is awesome and filled with friendly students and some great teachers. :D
Kaali Donaie wrote on January 20th, 2017
My friends and I went to do our paper work, our teacher placed on the website for us during the Christmas break. When I opened the webpage the first thing I saw was all the children in our school.Everyone had a smile. I loved it.
Latoya Jonas wrote on January 20th, 2017
it is a great pleasure to be part of this great staff had lots of fun working on the website I hope our hard work pays off.
Dasha Jules wrote on January 20th, 2017
this is the best primary school on the island
K.C mathurin XD wrote on January 20th, 2017
Riviere Dorre Anlican Combined is the perfect place to enroll ur kids the sudents are friendly and the teachers make u feel as if u are at home
Brenzy Modeste wrote on January 20th, 2017
I am a grade 4 student. I love this website because I did my Christmas vacation work on it and it was interesting ,fun and educating.
Lerona Jean-Alcindor wrote on January 20th, 2017
As a past student of this school, it's an honor to be a part of staff and having the opportunity to mold the minds of our future generation......wonderful atmosphere...great scenery.....we are having a blast at Riviere Doree Combined School.
Earl Nelson wrote on January 20th, 2017
This school is awsome. :-)
Secodina Alcee wrote on January 20th, 2017
Great School, Staff and Students. I am proud to be a part of this great institution. Hats off to all of you on this web page.