Sparta70 Dragon Boat Guest Book

Gary Klein wrote on February 22nd, 2022
How can I join your team? I am an ex road bike racer, still riding but looking for another source of aerobic activity. Do you hold tryouts? Is there a waiting list?
Sonja Ring wrote on October 24th, 2020
When does your team and time!?
karen garel wrote on July 25th, 2020
stay safe through this Covid time. Practice social distancing, wear a mask, eat healthy, exercise and now that we have time, watch all those TV series you've been wanting to do! Hopefully we'll soon be out on the water again
Betty Livingston wrote on June 6th, 2020
Oh, how I wish I could do this. Afraid my health has taken its tole the past few years. Enjoy
Tom McNamara wrote on April 13th, 2020
Hey Gang,
Continuing with Social Distancing activities. Biking, walking, weights, hitting and throwing softballs at local field in St. Augie, core work and stretching. Getting caught up on projects. Staying in touch with kids via Face Time & Zoom. Hope everybody is coping. Hang in there! Tommy Mack
Beth Braun wrote on April 6th, 2020
A wonderful story and inspiration to us all, especially now. Go team!
Karen Schubert wrote on April 6th, 2020
Such an inspiration. I can only hope to be as active as you when I grow up. All the best! 💜
Lisa Bowman wrote on April 6th, 2020
Amazing! Stay safe.
Jeff Vincent wrote on April 5th, 2020
Great job Bob! Stay safe!
Casandra McGarty wrote on April 5th, 2020
Seventy is just a number!
Russell McIntyre wrote on April 5th, 2020
Hi Bob. Sire looks good.
Linda Camuso wrote on April 5th, 2020
Way to go guys!
Mary Romfo wrote on April 5th, 2020
What an inspiration to so many!!
Carole Vincent wrote on April 5th, 2020
You’re all so inspirational!
jean kane wrote on March 27th, 2020
I've been around Dragon Boating for a long time and this is hands down the best web site. Hope you get back on the water soon.
Bob is staying in Coaching mode (on me) doesn't work. After 57 years he now knows I'm not coachable but a lot of fun.
Anne Simonsen wrote on March 25th, 2020
Just read the most current emails. Sounds as though we are all keeping busy and catching up on things. I think the members of Sparta 70 and the Leatherneck Warriors are going to have the cleanest houses and best looking yards in The Villages.
Right now there are no decisions about Vancouver -- the Festival organizers will let all of the teams that are registered know as soon as a decision is made. For the time being, do the exercises, stimulate your brain, and stay in contact with all of us and family and friends -- by phone, text, email and face-to-face on the screen. I find it helpful to read these posts on the website, receive texts and emails from team members, and some online ways of communicating with others.
Stay well -- stay healthy. Looking forward to getting back on the water.
Mary Lee Gundrum wrote on March 24th, 2020
Hello Paddlers! Have not turned on the computer in almost a week, just working in the yard, weeding, raking and mulching. Have not started Barb's workouts but have been doing lots of "rotation" and "squats" with a rake and shovel. Do miss being out on the water with fun people who are always positive thinking.
Gail Rush wrote on March 23rd, 2020
Hello all.....this is how I'm spending my time sequestered in my home. I have caught up on a lot of projects that I wanted to do. We have lived in the house for 3 months so this gave me an opportunity to empty some more boxes. Our garage is full of stuff for a garage sale. We have cleaned our Lanai and scrubbed it down along with birdcage. We have sterilized our house. For exercise I have been swimming in my pool, we've been walking , playing golf, doing some core exercises, staying the distance that's necessary from other people. Had to cancel 4 trips we were spending with family. Very disappointing. Oh, hair cut 4", had nails done some good stuff. Got our Easter tree up. Attended virtual Sunday church. Paul and I are cooking together and are velcro'd together and enjoying each other's company. Gathered up materials for making homemade sanitizer, and we realized we probably can survive a month. I began shopping for such things as boxed milk and canned veggies weeks before, so we don't need to go grocery shopping. We are trying to space out exercise throughout day and walking and golf cart rides at night. Thinking about the possibility of Vancover being cancelled as Canada has closed their borders and the Summer Olympics possibly being postponed. I'm sure Bob, Anne, Barb, and Cindy will keep us in the loop. Oh. If anyone knows of anyone interested in buying a 1916 Jeep Cherokee, pristine condition, less than 29,000 miles, asking 16,000. We just have too many vehicles and need to sell. Ok, now I miss my life in the boat, miss all my teammates, miss the exercise and feel of freedom boating gives me. Stay safe, be safe, stay healthy and be aware of your surroundings. Love ya all Gail Rush
Barb Galpin wrote on March 22nd, 2020
Hi guys!!! Finally figured out what this website business was all about. So here I am. I do hope that soon we will be able to get back on the water but it does not look very promising. I am spending my exercise time running every day walking and getting things done that I have not had time for or that my eyes pain would not let me do. Now that we are off the boat I must begin a strength training program next week that is just for me. I want to keep my present level of endurance both aerobic and strength. I hope all of you are doing the same. Stay the challenge all of you and I will do the same. Barb G
Anne Simonsen wrote on March 21st, 2020
Good to read all the messages. Sounds as though everyone is finding things to do -- exercise, puzzles, reading, gardening. cleaning, sorting, etc. I have been making a t-shirt quilt for a former student of mine who is retiring in June (how can that be?). Have added to my exercises -- more time on the elliptical and stationary bike, and stretching and those push-ups. I am preparing for some of Barb's chocolate chip cookies when we finally get back on the boat.
Stay safe and healthy everyone. Hope to see you all soon.

Joseph Kupiec wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hello to all! Didn't realize how much of a void in the mornings this has created. Am now filling it by walking the hills of my village for cardio and following the YouTube conditioning videos. Lucky to have several jigsaw puzzles in the closet. Great time filler. Looking forward to seeing The Team again.
rod tompkins wrote on March 21st, 2020
I finally found the website. I do miss training with the team but understand the need to avoid personal contact for a period of time. In addition to doing some needed household chores like washing windows, I have biked over 180 miles the last six days. Cycling and yoga workouts tend to help me stay in good physical condition plus watching my diet. I do miss dragon boat training and my team mates.
Margaret Martino wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hi Bob - Great Job! Thank you.😊
vernon hentz, jr wrote on March 21st, 2020
Tom Upton wrote on March 21st, 2020
All good here. Getting out for walks and jogs.. Getting lots of honey do items done
Miss all of you.. Keep safe..
S/F Tom and Janet Upton
Denis Rosenblad wrote on March 21st, 2020
Finally made it to the site!! I see I'm not the only one who's not too computer savvy. Really miss being on the water with you all. Been working out Mon, Wed, Fri mornings with Lee, Louise, and several others in the parking lot near Cody's. It's great to be with friends outside and getting fit. Other than that,been to the beach, putzin' around the place, and remodeled the back seat on the golf cart. Hope you all are healthy and doing well. See you all when we can get back on the H2o. Stay Safe...........Denis (1)
Lynn Lake wrote on March 21st, 2020
Thanks Vera for getting back with me on how to get on this site. Like everyone else I’m keeping busy
Cleaning my house from top to bottom doing gardening work doing water aerobics in the pool. At least the weather is beautiful
During this lock up time. Hope everyone staying safe and healthy
Valeta Brown wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hey all, finally figured out what Bob meant about signing up. I’m SO not website/Facebook/leisure computer person. It is reserved for necessary evils only. 😊. However, here I am. Our company has left as of yesterday and all April visitors have cancelled their “reservations”. Today was to be my first day to try getting back to the boat after my surgery. Sad not to be there with everyone. Trying out new activities each day to see what I can do again. Look forward to seeing f you all again!
Valeta Brown wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hey all, finally figured out what Bob meant about signing up. I’m SO not website/Facebook/leisure computer person. It is reserved for necessary evils only. 😊. However, here I am. Our company has left as of yesterday and all April visitors have cancelled their “reservations”. Today was to be my first day to try getting back to the boat after my surgery. Sad not to be there with everyone. Trying out new activities each day to see what I can do again. Look forward to seeing f you all again!
Tom McNamara wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hey Gang,
Finally got on this site! I have been trying to keep busy and like Dotty catching up with things I have been putting off for some time. One of my Softball leagues is still letting us practice 3 days per week even though games are cancelled until May 1. Gone to the Beach in St. Augustine 3x and walking the beach. Health Clubs are closed so am doing weights at home and going to start riding my bike today. The weather has been great. Jacksonville DB club is down also so I miss the water and paddling. It’s been 7 days since I have Paddled so I need to practice! Enjoy hearing from everyone on this site. Hope to keep contributing to the effort to get through this tough time. Stay well everybody! Tommy Mack!
Ron Dufresne wrote on March 21st, 2020
All is quiet on the Western Front.
Vera Painley wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hi teammates.... I have the best gym alternative “gardening “. I have used every muscle group utilizing lunges, bicep curls, squats, Russian twist plus more. I’ve removed and replaced 13 plants. I’ve removed all stones from my beds, washed them, removed the debris, amended the soil, replaced the landscaping fabric, and replaced the stones. I’ve carried 5 gallon buckets of dirt and water and 40lbs of topsoil. Carried gravel 15’ ft to a holding area and then back again to the beds. My beds are beautiful and my services are for hire. Unfortunately, you can’t afford me.
Barbara Paluszek wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hi Dragon Boat Teammates! I so miss not seeing and being on the boat with you all! I have taken the time to find additional ways to stay conditioned. Each morning I go to Lake Okahumpka State Park for a power walk followed by our conditioning exercises we do before getting on the boat. We are so blessed that we live in Florida and can get out into the fresh air. In the afternoons I will also do a Spin Class on my Peloton bike. I am also using this time to get organized with my files and closets. Something I just could never find time to do. Lastly, I have baked some chocolate chip cookies.
Debby Cody wrote on March 21st, 2020
Hi fellow dragonboaters and/or teammates. I've been trying out my green thumb by re-potting plants, surfing the internet, and watching mindless TV. I'm gonna treat some good books and maybe start a puzzle (if I get really bored) . Miss being on the water. 😑 however, I know "this too shall pass" . Stay well 😷🥰
Stan Reich wrote on March 21st, 2020
Older and slow??? Go seniors!
Mary Wilson wrote on March 21st, 2020
Keep up with Sparta 70 ! Really miss all of you because you bring us with full of joyful and support with each other.
Dottie Baker wrote on March 20th, 2020
Be careful what you wish for you might get it. I was feeling overwhelmed after a crazy busy year and wished for a big block of time to get caught up and organized. I didn’t mean it for the whole world! In any case I am deep into taxes, spring cleaning, and weeding out closets. And everyday doing exercises with fingers crossed for Vancouver. Best wishes to all my wonderful teammates!
Jay Foley wrote on March 20th, 2020
Great website. I do miss being in the boat and being in a competitive sport again (even if an octogenarian) Who knows maybe some day I will join you again. In the meantime, everyone stay safe.
Lou Barnes wrote on March 20th, 2020
Missing being out on the water with all of you during this period of social distancing. My distance in Ocala seems even further having not seeing any of you the past couple weeks.
Lorraine Morelli wrote on March 20th, 2020
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I’ve been working to earn my place with such a great group. As the weather has been perfect, most mornings are dedicated to biking in the fresh air. I’ve dragged the old Nordic Track out of the attic and have started to incorporate that torture device to my routine. My plan for today is to find my easel and start painting again. Life is good.
Anne Simonsen wrote on March 20th, 2020
Great reading what everyone wrote. I am not a Facebook person, except when my daughter sends me pictures. So this is a wonderful way to keep in touch. I have been smiling to myself about what people are doing -- physically and mentally -- to keep well and maintain a positive attitude. I started to do the push ups and am working everyday on increasing the number. I recently got an elliptical trainer, because my back doctor made it clear that being on a treadmill everyday was NOT helping, so he recommended the elliptical. I have been using my treadmill for around 30 years, so this is a hard change. What I did find out is how lazy I have become on the treadmill -- the elliptical is providing me with a great new challenge. And the mental challenge is figuring out what day it is and what I am doing. AND -- working on the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle -- and trying to be patient about with it.

Take care and stay well -- I am looking forward to seeing everyone when we get back on the water.
Susan DeAndrade wrote on March 19th, 2020
Hello all you dragon boating friends. I’m really missing being out there with the team now, but this shall pass, and in the meantime, I am finding other ways to stay strong. Thank goodness for my bicycle and the Sumter Bicycle Club (Accomoations have been made so that we are not congregating in large groups.) This morning I rode my bike with my husband and stopped at some of the outside exercise equipment. Do you know that there is a rowing item at least at the Everglades area? It is a one size fits all, but I think it is still adequate to safely get in a bit of strenghening without causing injury. Also, for those of us who are MVP members, MVP has sent out a free 2 month membership for their Mossa Move classes which you can sign up for and do in your home. One of the classes is “Fight” and I am thinking that this would be good exercise for us paddlers. Yesterday I started back to lap swimming, but unfortunately that has ended since as of today all the pools are closed.
Other than that, we are staying in close communication by texting and email with our friends and family. We have 4 very attentive daughters who are checking in with their “elderly“ parents (Ha!) frequently. Our youngest says, “This is an unsettling reversal of my teenage years. I am now yelling at my parents for going out!” Lol!
Anyway, please all try to stay safe and healthy and I will look forward to seeing all of you on the water soon, I hope.

Kathy Summers Sitarski wrote on March 19th, 2020
It feels like Groundhog Day around here. My husband is one-week post op following a total knee replacement and I’m his “coach”. Progressing as expected but slower than I would like to see. It’s hard being on this side of health care especially since I’m a former ER nurse and expect the worst whenever minor complications arise. Like everything else this too shall pass and I look forward to getting back to normal! A special thank you to those of you who have offered to help, especially Louise, Marilyn, and Bob Kane. Your support means more to us than we can express! Miss everyone terribly! Stay healthy!
Karen Garel wrote on March 19th, 2020 Sparta family: I would say this is as good as "social distancing" gets! I can't see you or hear you, but I know you're there:). We should get on our phones with "FaceTime". What have I been doing: closing my eyes and imagining the Sparta "start" sequence. My husband Bob and I put air in the bike tires once again, so we're out enjoying the evenings. I'm waiting for my "Total gym" to arrive so I can stay physically fit for when we're back out on the water. OK Louise, I can now do 8 pushups compared to your 60....but I'll catch up to you:))!! This morning, I listened to the news with "morning Joe", then pulled weeds from the garden, practiced music with Bob. By the way....we both play music from the 60's,70's and I'll be damned if we don't hold a huge celebration party when this coronavirus is under control. I miss each and everyone of my "high fivers", but we are being safe and we will be together again soon, love you all
Bob Kane wrote on March 19th, 2020
Your mind can make you smarter, exercise can make you stronger but only your HEART can make you a Champion
Bob Kane wrote on March 19th, 2020
I want to send a shout out to John the manager/proprietorial of Carrabba and all his staff. A group of great people who must be suffering because we’re all in lock down.
Louise Wolanske wrote on March 19th, 2020
We are doing fine so far with the social distancing. We have painted vanities in two bathrooms so are. I’ve been exercising every day. Also shopping for necessities is ok so fat. Hopefully people will stop hoarding so that all of us can survive. After all the entire human race is a family.
Rich Brodal wrote on March 18th, 2020
Semper Fi
Bob Kane wrote on March 18th, 2020
This is the coach speaking where are you and what are you up too, Go on the site and respond.
Paul J Amo wrote on February 13th, 2020
Great website. All of you are an inspiration to others at any age! Keep moving forward and best of luck on the upcoming races!
Wendy Cammarano wrote on February 5th, 2020
Great team, great people. Proud to know them.
Louise Wolanske wrote on February 5th, 2020
Love being on the water with this great group of paddlers! It’s fun, hard work and friendship! The perfect combination!
Karen Garel wrote on January 30th, 2020
and I'm still here and loving it!!!
karen garel wrote on December 4th, 2019
a most exciting time in my life!
Barbara Paluszek wrote on November 24th, 2019
Impressive site!
Lynn Lake wrote on May 21st, 2019
I am on the Sisters Dragon Boat Team and would like to learn more
About this team. Thank you.
Sonja Ring wrote on January 1st, 2019
I would like to paddle with you guys!
Raymond Cote wrote on September 19th, 2018
I would like to join the Sparta Team. When and where will the next practice take place?
Bill Batsa wrote on November 21st, 2017
Was invited to participate to my first Sparta 70 practice yesterday. What a great group of people and, by the way, what a workout!!! 70's ??? I want to see their birth certificates. More like fitness of 30's. Thanks Bob. Great job with the team.
Diane Hartmann-Hughes wrote on November 17th, 2017
“I can’t wait to be 70”, said no one. But now, I really can’t wait. Congratulations to this history making team!
Your favorite daughter wrote on November 16th, 2017
How my favorite dad spends his free time.....beating people half his age! Great site!
Irene McGee wrote on November 6th, 2017
Great job breaking the “gray” ceiling of age and paddling!
RaeAnn Bethel wrote on June 6th, 2017
Looking forward to achieving great things on this history making team! Paddles UP!
Wendy Cammarano wrote on March 31st, 2017
Very cool to start a Division Senior D in The Villages! It had to start somewhere.. ..lots of 70+. Out there.
Don wrote on January 5th, 2017
"The Breed" are ready to go "paddles up" in '17, take us there, Bob!
Roy Boudreau wrote on January 2nd, 2017
Looking forward to a great year
Sheryl Finley wrote on January 2nd, 2017
Very, very cool! My grandparents tended to remain in their recliners. Pretty sure they never considered healthy, physical activity.
Mary Jo Sergent wrote on December 20th, 2016
Happy to be a part of a history making team!
Bob wrote on December 18th, 2016
Thanks to my good friend Lou for his assistance in getting the site up and running
Semper Fi
Lou Calleja wrote on December 18th, 2016
Great site Bob