Fernando Enterprises

Stephen Clively wrote on August 22nd, 2019
The figures arrived today

I haven’t had the chance to look at them in detail but looking at the top layer of the various boxes the figures look fantastic.

I am tied up with work for the next few days, so I’ll get back to you with any further feedback if necessary.

On the basis of what I have looked at today, I will definitely be sending you some more work soon.

As I will probably be traveling overseas in October/November I will aim to send you some more work in late September and hopefully I would get it back in December.

Vivek chandra wrote on August 21st, 2019
Our figures have just arrived and we are opening them up. They are very well packed and looking great!

Thank you for the very fast turnaround, it is much appreciated! Hopefully next time things will not be so rushed and both have more time.

Ru Lane wrote on July 4th, 2019
Arrived today. Brilliantly packaged and excellent workmanship, thank you! Many more to follow! Ru
Franz Decker wrote on March 22nd, 2019
Dear Pradeepa,

the miniatures have arrived today.

Thank you very much for your professional work.

I am collecting fort he next order. You may hear from us soon.

Harald Rieder wrote on January 9th, 2019
I have received the delivery and I am still unpacking.

I have to hand it you. You guys did an awesome job. The details on the figures, flags and horses are beautiful.
The work you have put into packing them up safely for transport is also very impressive.

I am super happy and want to thank you for this job well done. Truly professional work.

Please let the people involved in this production know how satisfied I am.

I will soon put the next project together for you.

Best wishes


Henry wrote on January 8th, 2019
Hallo Sarath

Danke von meiner Seite - die Figuren sind sehr schön geworden
Ich würde dir gern weitere Figuren schicken !!! Bitte teile mir auf diesem Wege noch einmal die Lieferadresse mit

Allan Brown wrote on January 7th, 2019
The figures arrived yesterday, January 4th. They were in good condition with only a few minor repairs needed. The quality of the painting was excellent. As always you and your staff, as in the past, have provided excellent quality service.
Robert weebe wrote on December 14th, 2018
I received the figures for my Pantheon commission (ON 01). I think they look very, very nice, and they were meticulously packed so there was no damage :-)
Phil wrote on November 21st, 2018
Order number 34 came back today.

Fantastic job. Really impressive.

I will be sending more in the near future to add to this army. I hope
you will be able to give that work to the same painter.


simon Breen wrote on October 23rd, 2018
I can confirm that I have received my figures. the few samples I have opened have been very good.

Once again I would like to thank everyone at Fernando Enterprises for all their hard work and great customer service. Please thank your painters for doing a great job.

I have sent order 13 but have not yet received the questionnaire about what to paint and if to attached spears etc.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards

Simon Breen

sean Pratt wrote on October 22nd, 2018
Dear Chrysantha, Pradeepa, I received the parcel yesterday and really pleased with the work that has been done on the figures in particular the way in which your artists have been able to blend their style into my style especially on the airborne figures. I am particularly please with my Swiss figures and French Hussars. Well done and pass on my gratitude to all involved, including the packers who did a wonderful job protecting the hard work of others.
Kind regards,

David Hunter wrote on March 3rd, 2018

 I received these today. I'm extremely happy with the painting, all the figures look really splendid. Thank you.

Paul Graham wrote on October 25th, 2017
Dear Kavindra,
Firstly, many thanks for your work on my first order GRAHAM #1. I am delighted with the quality of the painting, and I can repprt the the figures arrived in New Zealand safely and in good condition.

Thank you too for responding with your quote for my painting order GRAHAM #2.
I have now organised and packaged these figures, and sent the parcel containing the figures for this order, complete with packing details and pictures according to your instructions.

The parcel has been sent from New Zealand by airmail, and should arrive late this week or next week.
Please let me know as soon as the parcel arrives and I will pay the US$231.75 into your account immediately.
Many thanks again as before for your patience,

Yours sincerely,
Paul Graham

Bob Jones wrote on October 11th, 2017
I am very pleased with the latest samurai figures. They are simply superb. My every expectation has been exceeded.

The mounted Samurai are beautifully done I especially like the three with a retinue. They are of prizewinning quality.

The Asigaru foot figures fine detail and use of color is very impressive.

Your painters never fail to produce top quality work. I have been a regular customer for several years, and you can be sure the work such as this will keep me committed to your company.

More samurai will be ready for painting soon.

Thanks again for your fine work, and how easily done, complete, and business-like my dealings with Fernando have always been.


Bob Jones
Denver, Colorado

Phillip wrote on October 3rd, 2017
I have received the figurins in good shape.
I am very satisfied.
I will send you other ones for painting soon.

Joseph Kapustanczek wrote on September 26th, 2017
To the owners and employees of Fernando Enterprises, I received my order today and I was very pleased with the packing and the condition of the figures. I know that this was a large and somewhat complicated order due to the number of different units involved. There were a couple of minor errors but I can correct them easily enough. I want to thank you all again for the fantastic job you all did and for the efforts made to get the items as good as possible. I learned how to better set up an order so the next time it will go much smoother.
johnny wrote on August 16th, 2017
I'm a very rush person, & short temper. I'm willing to take back my words for insulting Fernando Enterprise. They always give Excellence Work. Nice Job Fernando Enterprise.
Johnny wrote on July 12th, 2017
You people told me the assemble & painting charge for tank is $29 USD showcase rate. Later $30 USD, Send in 2 tank for painting service, End up must pay $110 USD. Telling me that 1 tank cost $55 USD each. Keep asking more & more money.
Not only that, Soldier send to you people, You people BROKE so MANY soldier rifle. Message you people about the unsatisfactory of the painting of my soldier. You people refuse to take action & mail it back to me.
The delivery charge was SO much expensive to me. Previous sending 3 orders, its was disappointed. Now its getting more & more disappointed. I was wonder, is this type or kind of work Professional enough? Can i still trust you people?
PHILIP AYERST wrote on March 3rd, 2017
I have received my latest order from Fernando and am now slowly unpacking the models.
The standard of painting is as high as ever, so can you pass my thanks onto your painting team. Many thanks also to the painter who carefully painted patterns onto the shields of Lot 14. Overall, thank you all for collecting the different packages, finding the painting instructions and getting them all correct.
Your packing team are excellent too and they have arrived here all without damage in transit. Finally your delivery through Aramex is first class as the package arrived at my door in the UK within 48 hours of leaving your studios and I could track it as travelled.
Best wishes to you all at Fernando.

James Fields wrote on February 14th, 2017
My 15mm dungeon models arrived. Fantastic paint job, well packed and no damage. Will use you again ;)
John Sharples wrote on October 14th, 2016
I wanted to say, thank you. The figures arrived with only minimal damge in transit despite your excellent packing. I am very pleased with the models particularly the 28mm showcase models.

I am putting together a further order and have already shown your work to friends along with my strong recommendation.

I wanted to say, thank you. The figures arrived with only minimal damge in transit despite your excellent packing. I am very pleased with the models particularly the 28mm showcase models.

I am putting together a further order and have already shown your work to friends along with my strong recommendation.


Geoffrey Stewart wrote on October 11th, 2016
Hello Fernando EnterprisesI have received the figures. I am very happy with the job you have done,please pass my thanks on to the painters.With Kind RegardsGeoffrey Stewart
Keith Grainger wrote on October 11th, 2016

My order has arrived and I am very pleased.

I shall be in touch again soon with more custom.

Thank you so much again

Bob wrote on September 19th, 2016
Package and contents arrived in good order. Thank you.