Riverroad Labradors

Angela Ramert wrote on January 10th, 2018
My husband and I purchased a chocolate lab from you almost over 16 years ago; his papa was Murphy and mama was Hazelnut...he is now 16 1/2 years old! His name is Behr and he is an absolute champ dog. He has broken records for his life span at our vets office, Harris Pet Hospital in Wisconsin. He has amazing strength, is gorgeous and is the love of our lives. I just wanted to commend you for your most amazing dogs--he is our greatest joy and we are most grateful to you RR Labs! We give him everything possible to keep him healthy and happy and he has not let us down. Most Sincerely, Angela and Larry Ramert
Tina Taylor wrote on October 28th, 2017
Just spoke with you on phone briefly
Twylla Ingram wrote on July 5th, 2017
We recently lost our chocolate lab. His name was Hemi, and he was 13yrs old. We didn't want him to suffer, so we humanely euthanized him, and buried him by the lake last month. Thinking about a new brown English lab puppy. We're not planning on breeding or anything like that and would have the new dog neutered ASAP. My husband is retired and enjoys walking every day and misses our Hemi dog. We have 11 grandkids ranging from 2 months to 17yrs old, and I love the lab temperament and personality. You just can't get any better than that. Its the kind of dog we would like to have for our family.
Nicole Hajdu wrote on June 21st, 2017
My dad got 2 chocolate labs from you over 20 years ago. Coco was one of them that we named. Other was Nite. We got her from you as an adult dog. Best dogs I have ever had and all my family and friends agreed. I am looking into getting a lab puppy. Call you tomorrow. Nicole Caminiti Hajdu
Theresa Sacomano wrote on June 11th, 2017
I am interested in a yellow male lab. I have had three labs and all of them have been a big part of our lives. I need to know if you have any available in July and please let me know. Please and thank you.
Maria Perez wrote on May 28th, 2017
I would like to come and meet cherry and would like to know the price as soon as possible
Kim Kemp wrote on May 12th, 2017
I had a wonderful yellow lab for a little over 15 years. It's been a year since she's been gone. I long for another and will be contacting you soon to set up an appointment.
Jorge Alarcon wrote on April 12th, 2017
We are interested in a chocolate lab puppy, wonder if you have any available. We live close by in Libertyville. Thanks.
Diane Brown wrote on April 5th, 2017
We live in Wilmette and are interested in a yellow female puppy. I was given your name by Donna Tate. Would love to come by and visit. Diane Brown 847-542-1710
Julie Robinson DVM and Jo Kozlowski wrote on March 18th, 2017
Very interested in a chocolate male puppy. Will call soon.
Traece Graham wrote on February 26th, 2017
I'm interested in a Dod & will call you. I met one of your dogs at the beach in Evanston,beautiful . I look forward to talking w/ you.
Cathy kathe wrote on January 22nd, 2017
We lost our 14 year old yellow lab 3 days before Christmas. Our good friends the Martins highly recommended you as a breeder. We are looking to add another female yellow lab to our family this spring . I was wondering if you have any litter due this spring.
Carrie W wrote on January 17th, 2017
Interested in a yellow or black make! Love the way Louie looks! Will call you soon to see if you have any litters that will be ready in June!
sharon reczkowicz wrote on December 17th, 2016
Looking for chocolate male ,next year.
sharon reczkowicz wrote on December 17th, 2016
Looking for chocolate male puppie for next year,Just losed my fur babby of 12 pluse years .
Wanda Owen wrote on December 7th, 2016
We have 12 year old Bear, a black lab we got from you in 2004 and Chip, a 7 year old chocolate we got in 2009. They are the best dogs and living a great life and we are so grateful to have them as part of our family. I'd love to send you a photo.
Cathy Kaplan wrote on November 14th, 2016
We are beginning to look for a new yellow lab puppy. We've had 2 labs over the past 20 years, a yellow and a black (half sisters), and just had to put the last one down at 14 1/2 yrs. We're feeling a void. Will call you soon!
Justin Murphy wrote on October 26th, 2016
Hi. We are interested in a male chocolate lab. I was wondering if you have any litters coming soon.
Amelia Liberati wrote on August 18th, 2016
Beautiful site! My husband and I just got married and moved to lake Bluff from Annapolis, MD. I was raised with labradors and are looking for a new edition to our family! We would LOVE to be parents to a yellow or chocolate lab :)
Maureen wrote on August 11th, 2016
I'am interested in a lab puppy. Please contact me. Lost my lab of 13yrs. two weeks ago.
Patti Swiney wrote on August 8th, 2016
Hi we are interested in a yellow lab puppy. When is a good time to call.
Jan Lazar wrote on July 28th, 2016
Hi- I have heard great things about your pups and I am very interested, please email me with how to proceed, tried calling the number- thanks!
larry Friedman wrote on July 4th, 2016
Today is day 2 since we brought home our 3rd River Road Lab. Our newest Yellow has all the qualities and beauty of our previous two. Karen...thanks again. Love our baby!!
Sue Hebson wrote on June 26th, 2016
Love your site but more importantly impressed with your love and pride in your dogs. Friends of ours got a lab from you. I recently lost my 11 year old chocolate who was the greatest, most loving house pet ever. I am considering a new pet and will call to discuss.
John Duffy wrote on May 31st, 2016
I have a lab " Pearl Valley Kenzie " he is a Black Lab and would like to have a couple of puppys by him. he is AKC can we work something out?
Judy Newcomb wrote on May 31st, 2016
I am a disabled veteran and would like a big female black British lab. I have a doctor's prescription for one. Do you have any adults?
Bill Wallace wrote on May 29th, 2016
Interested in lab puppy for our family. Please let us know when we could speak on the phone and come to meet you?
Dianne Nelson wrote on May 17th, 2016
Interested in a female yellow lab puppy for our family dog
Juan Luna wrote on May 16th, 2016
I currently have a black female lab and she is 3 years old. I am interested in having a chocolate lab and looking for one. I had a yellow lab who lived 14 years and he was a great family dog. So, I am looking for a chocolate lab to be a great family dog along with my black female. We are a family who loves our labs.
Fred Weiner wrote on May 16th, 2016
I am interesting in speaking to you about a yellow lab for the summer 2016. We have heard all good things about you.
Maureen O'Neill wrote on April 27th, 2016
I am interesting in speaking to you about a yellow lab for the summer 2016. I tried calling but didn't get any answer or voicemail.
Mary Finnegan wrote on April 26th, 2016
Hi. We are interested in a Yellow English Lab puppy for this summer. Would like to talk and start planning. Thank you so much!
Maggie wrote on April 11th, 2016
Intrested in a female yellow lab puppy just wondering when puppie will be available?
Vishal Patel wrote on April 7th, 2016
Interested in a Chocolate Lab puppy. Wondering if you will have any (ready to go) in early August, 2016.
Lynn Krause wrote on April 5th, 2016
From your past Karin. Love always seeing Mac and Cory on these pages. Tess has been gone 5 years now and Cedar Springs who had similar breedng to her seems to be out of business. So just wondered if you have one you might need to place. Certainly no hurry. Rowdy, the cockapoo is almost 10 and I have to say, I sure miss my yellow lab. Lynn
Katey Hardy wrote on March 28th, 2016
Hi! We are looking for a lab puppy with a easy going disposition who is good with kids. We tried calling today but, no answer.
Ann Lynch wrote on March 27th, 2016
Interested in two, male, yellow lab puppies. Impressed with your website. Will call you soon.
Deb H wrote on March 25th, 2016
Checking out your web site. Love my Louie puppy!