Riverroad Labradors

Lee-Ann and Jeff wrote on October 16th, 2023
Hi Karin, Lee Ann and I have one of your Louie Boy puppies, his name is RiverRoad NightTrain Axl, he is 5 now and is strong as an OX! About 92lbs solid like a tank, and we love him so much.
Jim and Ann Baker wrote on July 17th, 2023
Hi Karin,
We purchased a chocolate labfrom Colleen McCarthy’s Mom Sally in 2010. Tupper passed away after 13 1/2 years old May 25th 2023. We spoke with Colleen a few weeks back and she gave us your name. We are interested in purchasing another Chocolate Labrador in the future and would like to talk with you. Your website says to call, but we keep getting a fax machine. We’ll keep trying. Our number is 715-614-3005
Thank you for your time.
Frank & Betty Visconi wrote on July 8th, 2023
We have had two very wonderful and loving Labs in our lives both of whom are gone. We still grieve over our last one, Jake who passed away in 2013. We are now in our mid 70's and would love to have another Lab, this time a black male or female. We feel that a young adult, two to three years old would be best for us at this time. We would appreciate if someone would contact us so we can discuss our options. Thank you so much!
Nancy Spila wrote on March 19th, 2023
We purchased a chocolate lab from you in 2009. She was the best dog we’ve ever had. Sadly she passed last week at 13 1/2 years old
We will be in touch again
Stephen McIntire wrote on April 19th, 2022
In Jan. I purchased a Yellow female from Colleen McCarthy. I was told that the sire was one of yours. The pup was born on 11/13/21 and the sire was Riverroads Revolution. Please contact me at [email protected] thanks SCM
Susan Coale wrote on April 11th, 2022
Hi, Can you please tell me if you have or will have pups this spring/ summer? Thanks- also the cost
Kim wrote on January 10th, 2022
Saw a beautiful, wonderfully tempered Riverroad lab today in city. Owner said this was her 4th Riverroad lab. Am extremely interested in speaking with you. Will be in touch!
Diana Yordanova wrote on January 8th, 2022
Hi, I'm looking for a yellow male puppy. I will also contact you by phone. Thank you in advance.
Marsha Vaughn wrote on December 9th, 2021
Hi Karen. I am very interested in adopting one of your beautiful lab puppies in 2022. I would love to add a yellow female lab puppy to my household. I’ll contact you again in February 2022. You have have some beautiful labs,

Robert J Gelden wrote on September 13th, 2021
Hi Karen

We are looking for a chocolate female puppy this spring.
Kathleen Krupica wrote on July 9th, 2021
Hi I am looking to adopt a male or female black lab puppy I have read your reviews and you seem to be a very good breeder. We just lost our lab mix about a month ago and would like a pup in the fall of 2021 or spring of 2022.
Karen wrote on June 20th, 2021
Our yellow male Enzo (born April 18, 2018 to Fire and Louie) wants to wish Louie a Happy Father's Day!
sharon batterson wrote on April 13th, 2021
I’m looking for an older dog that is ready
to retire. I’d prefer a yellow female. I raised
three labs and they are so special to me
Please let me know if you have any available
John Laurie wrote on March 17th, 2021
Looking for black lab pups female. do you have any available to look at. also how much do they cost? My friend Bob Fergus referred me to you guys. his pup is beautiful.847-561-5067
Vince Knoll wrote on March 2nd, 2021
My wife and I just lost our beloved Sierra, we know she can’t be replace but we were looking for another black female because we need a companion for our other brown lab NOAH and how much are your pups.. thanks Knoll’s
Arthur Curran wrote on February 9th, 2021
We bought a yellow lab in 2000 from Frank Purdy, living in NY state at the time. We now reside in Libertyville and would like to talk with you about another yellow lab for me and my wife. Our lab, Mercedes, was a wonderful dog. Loyal, mild temperament. We miss her and would like another companion. I am close to retirement, my wife is at home and we both have time to work with and be with a puppy. I hope you will contact me to talk further about the availability of a puppy. Thank you
Tom Jacobs wrote on November 19th, 2020
We have just said goodbye to our white lab after 14 years. We love this breed and would love to see your next litter
jacob wrote on September 5th, 2020
Can I have a 100% Black Lab 0-2months old Female Puppy Delivered to my house on Saturday September 19th for $75.00
David Kenyon wrote on August 31st, 2020
Referred to by Pat Blair ex Ivanhoe labs. Do you have any upcoming litters or retiring any adults??
daniel griffith wrote on August 25th, 2020
we're interested in getting a puppy. do you have puppies available now and when do you expect the next litter? thanks, dan
Gary wrote on August 11th, 2020
Hi Karin,

I've placed several calls to 847-362-3332 hoping either to catch you or to leave a message. Unfortunately, no one picks up the phone and neither voicemail nor an answering service is available to leave messages for you. I'll ask you to contact me either at 773 562 9415 (call or text) or via email per this message. I'm ready to get a Lab and wish to speak with you in order to get the process started. Thanks.
Jeremy Tekampe wrote on August 6th, 2020
hello do you have a male black labrador retriever available by chance thank you
Gloria Fiorentino wrote on July 11th, 2020
Hello Karin - I too have been trying to reach you, in regards to adopting one of your puppies. I met you last fall and was able to see a couple of your puppies, they were the sweetest, but were not able to be adopted. I would like to adopt a puppy and if you get a chance, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend!!
Kathy Loy wrote on July 6th, 2020
Hi Karin, my husband and I are looking for a male chocolate lab puppy to bring home late summer or early fall. We have had many family dogs, but our fav was a chocolate lab :) I have tried calling your phone several times and there is no answer or voicemail set up? Should I keep trying to reach you by phone? Please advise, my email is part of this request submission. Thank you and I look forward to discussing a possible addition to our family!
Joleen Simonetti wrote on June 1st, 2020
Hi Karin! Just wanted to say Hi and let you know Louie (of Louie & Diva) is the best dog. He is so smart. So well behaved. Loved by everyone. And is just the most handsome boy! We will email you a picture. Hope all is well! 💞 Eric & Joleen
Beth Conboy wrote on May 20th, 2020
Hi Karin, You were recommended by Laurie Blackwell, a friend of my sister-in-law, Janet Erk. We lost our Wilbur back in September and now that I am retired, would love to have another Labrador. I will call you tomorrow to ask about a puppy. I am looking for good temperament, good health and intelligent.
Karin Kemp wrote on May 4th, 2020
Hi Karin, I met a neighbor walking her beautiful dog and she said he was from your home. Do you still breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies?
Stefan Haviar wrote on April 29th, 2020
My family is interested in any lab puppies you might have available. Have 13 and 10 year old boys that would love to have a dog in the family. Will call you today, thank you.
Chuck and Kelly Schaefer wrote on April 29th, 2020
It been 3 years since we lost Scooter, our 12 year old black male. While he can never be replaced we are interested in the availability of two puppies; a chocolate male and a yellow female. And we'd like to learn more about your boarding facility.
Chuck and Kelly Schaefer wrote on April 29th, 2020
It been 3 years since we lost Scooter, our 12 year old black male. While he can never be replaced we are interested in the availability of two puppies; a chocolate male and a yellow female. And we'd like to learn more about your boarding facility.
Charlotte Carley wrote on April 17th, 2020
We lost our beautiful 11-year-old yellow Lab, Dakota, to cancer. Our hearts are broken. We would like to get another yellow Lab female puppy to heal our hearts and give us the puppy love we are missing. Please let me know if you have or will have any female yellow Labs available. We are in Plainfield, IL.
Bill and Joan Rose wrote on April 11th, 2020
I provided a home for Jack, our English Labrador retriever, for 13 years. It has been a year since Jack moved on and are ready to look for another Yellow male English Labrador retriever. The pictures of the boys and girls is great. We will give you a call and come out to visit.
Salvatore J Milianti wrote on March 31st, 2020
My mom is looking to get a puppy in May or june
patricia Babcock wrote on February 15th, 2020
We met our pup at your facility three years ago. We named her Midnight, We love our beautiful lab. She has the best spirit and loves everyone that she comes in contact with. She was picked to be a show dog but an accident happened to her tongue and could not show. We want to give her a playmate and add to our family.
Maureen Cohen wrote on October 18th, 2019
Brown Suede Satchel passed away on Wednesday, he was 14. We got him from your friend Cassandra but picked him up at your house. Cassandra was very kind to let us be her lab retirement home in Champaign. We did get a previous brown lab puppy from you, we named him BB King.
Ann O wrote on June 29th, 2019
Do you breed American labs too or just English? Have had both and looking for American now. Thank you
SIVA wrote on March 18th, 2019
We are eager to welcome our first puppy , my teen girls are excited with lots of plan for the new company. White or yellow or chocolate or black
Angela Ramert wrote on February 26th, 2019
I wanted to say one more thing, Karen...I hope you know that when you gift us with your beautiful dogs, it is more than that, it is a gift beyond measure, making our lives completely rich and fulfilling. My heart hurts so bad that my sweet Behr has gone even after a remarkably long life, it could never be long enough with him. This pain will never go away but at least I knew what it meant t to be loved by an incredible dog and to love one back with my whole heart. He was my soul buddy. So thank you Karen, because you'll never truly know how your love for labs has touched all of us so deeply and is so far reaching. Most gratefully, Angela
Angela Ramert wrote on February 25th, 2019
On 1/29/19, we had to say goodbye to our gorgeous, most loving chocolate boy, Behr who lived a remarkable 17 years and 7 months. It has taken me this long to even write something because I am truly heartbroken that he had to go. He gave us everything, joy, love, kindness, peace, strength, he was definitely our boy. I can only say that when the time comes to leave this world, I'll be looking too reunite with him. Until then, my heart will ache forever. He truly was a warrior, a champion that gave every bit of himself. Goodbye my sweet baby boy. Mommy loved you with her entire soul and will forever be changed by you.
Liz Spatz wrote on February 19th, 2019
We are heartbroken, we lost our sweet girl, coco, beautiful, loving chocolate lab. She was my girl and now She is our angel. Looking to add another family member again in the Spring. I will call to check with you. Thanks.
Thank you.
S Black wrote on December 28th, 2018
Last year we lost our best friend Gustov “Gus” Riverroad Black. He was the best bud and family dog. My grand daughter loved him and he loved her. What a kind and loving pet.
He is missed greatly.
Deb Poehlmann wrote on December 6th, 2018
My family recently lost our beloved, English Lab--Jack. He gave his unconditional love to us for 12 years.
We are VERY interested in a yellow, male (English Lab) in a future litter---if possible, a June or July 2019 litter. I retire in June and I want to be home full time with our new addition I will call you within the next few days to chat about the possibility of getting our name on a list. Many thanks,Deb
Stacy Sigman wrote on December 5th, 2018
Pleased to report that we celebrated Gracie's (Riverroads Thanksgiving Grace - Carson mom and Willard dad) 15th birthday on Thanksgiving!!! She has truly been the most incredible dog. Healthy, happy, and kind. We feel beyond blessed to still have her in our lives. Thanks for breeding such exceptional dogs.
Chester Weber wrote on December 5th, 2018
We love your website. Your dogs are beautiful. Do you only sale/breed English Labs. Do you only sale puppies?
Paul wrote on November 29th, 2018
Looking for a male chocolate labordor puppy I'll try calling also
David Taylor wrote on November 14th, 2018
Hello Karin, my wife Patty and I had the pleasure of meeting you and getting a tour of your facilities this past spring. We would like to hear from you when you have another liter of yellow or black. All the best you and your team, Dave
Nancy Sharp wrote on October 23rd, 2018
We got our first lab in 1968 and have never looked back. The first and the best was Stormy, a black English lady who was with us for 14 years. Over the years we have always had black American labs, the English labs were too hard to find before the internet. Currently I have 3 dogs. all rescues. Holly - black lab, Lola - tri corgi, and Charlie - just a little mutt. They are all about 10 - 11 years old. After they are gone I would love to have another English girl, but at 80 that's not going to happen. My oldest son is physically handicapped and lives alone. He has always wanted an English lab like Stormy. Sometime in the future I would like to find an older lab for him. I think a puppy would be too much for him. Lab puppies are in a class by themselves! I will be contacting you in the spring for help in finding a companion for him.
Kris Kumaroo wrote on October 21st, 2018
We picked up our sweet Sadie in 2015. What a gorgeous purebred English Labrador. We receive compliments all the time. When she stands upright on all fours, looking from a distance, she has the perfect markings, perfect hardy body. We had one small issue with bladder stones. Labradors rarely if ever get stones of any kind, but a missed UTI and the environment was there for the crystals to form. She recovered fully and is the joy of our lives. At three, we are thinking about getting another one to keep her occupied. Our 17 year old Pug doesn't do it for her....lol. If I were to ever get another Labrador, I would travel back to the Chicago area and buy one from River Road Labradors. They have been breeding Labradors properly, eliminating hereditary diseases and illnesses. First class all the way! Kris (Newport, RI)
Laurie Ferri wrote on September 20th, 2018
We lost our yellow English lab a year ago to cancer when he was 13. We miss him every day. I plan to contact you soon about another English lab. Thank you. Sincerely Laurie Ferri
Laura wrote on September 15th, 2018
My fiance and I are looking for a Male Chocolate Lab puppy. We have had both Yellow and Black, and are ready to complete the trifecta. We unfortunately had to euthanize our Black Lab, Max, due to old age about a year ago and are finally ready to bring another playful companion into our home. Please let us know as soon as you may have one available. We have been looking for a little while now and just can't seem to find one. Thank you!
John Wokurka wrote on September 10th, 2018
I'm looking for a Chocolate or Yellow female Lab puppy.
Ferri Laurie wrote on September 10th, 2018
We lost our lab last year at 14 due to cancer. We miss him every sincme day. We are starting to gather inform about lab breeders.
Laurie Ferri wrote on September 10th, 2018
We lost our yellow lab last year at 13 to cancer. We miss him every day. We are just starting to look at lab breeders.
Steve menke wrote on August 29th, 2018
You got great looking labs. We are looking for a yellow lab with a blocky head and otter tail. Your labs have that and that large stout frame. Great job. We will contact you to talk about a visit and what you have for planned litters. Thanks
janet boland wrote on August 28th, 2018
We lost our dear Chief just shy of 15 years in June. I still remember the day we brought him home from River Road labs. He was energetic, curious and loved being around the family. We miss him dearly but will be ready for another dog in the near future and i'll give you a call!
Michael Fisher wrote on July 14th, 2018
Hi, my family is interested in adopting a lab and were looking at your website. We will call soon we would love to come see them!
Tracey Smok wrote on May 6th, 2018
My daughter briefly spoke you twice yesterday. Our family lost our sweet Jasmine, a yellow lab, to liver disease at 9 yrs old. We are looking for female puppy to add to our family. We will call you next week to set up an appointment to meet you.
Debbie Schmitz wrote on March 4th, 2018
I purchased a female chocolate lab from you 24 years ago. "Katie" lived to be 19 years old and grew up with my son. She was the best dog I have ever had!! Smart, healthy and beautiful..I am ready for another. I will reach out to you soon. Thank you, for breeding wonderful labs.
John Kurowski wrote on February 22nd, 2018
We lost our 11 1/2 year old Black lab Jack and we our looking for a new pup to take care of the hole left in our hearts, and would be interested in another Black Male Lab.
Greg Beckman wrote on February 18th, 2018
Very nice informational website. We lost our lab to cancer and are looking for a new puppy for our family. Recently, we met one of the dogs from your kennel and were very impresses. We will be calling soon to inquire about puppies
Ryanne Bruns wrote on February 8th, 2018
Last year we lost our sweet yellow lab Maggie... She left a hole in our families heart. We waited a few months and started searching for another lovely dog. We found our new sweet puppy Daisy we have had for almost a year now. She came to us on our sweet maggie's birthday and found out Daisy was born the day after Maggie passed. Daisy is a blessing from our beloved Maggie and has repaired the whole in our heart with her amazing and funny personality. Daisy is the best dog and we don't know what we would do without her. Would recommend this breeder to anyone and everyone. Thank you!
Kim Souder wrote on January 27th, 2018
Hello there! We lost our Coco (choc lab) to cancer 1 1/2 years ago. She was the love of our lives and was the best dog ever. We are looking to make another addition to the family and looking for a chocolate or black English style pup in Spring or early Summer. Would you have a liter around that time? Will call soon. Thanks, Kim
Angela Ramert wrote on January 10th, 2018
My husband and I purchased a chocolate lab from you almost over 16 years ago; his papa was Murphy and mama was Hazelnut...he is now 16 1/2 years old! His name is Behr and he is an absolute champ dog. He has broken records for his life span at our vets office, Harris Pet Hospital in Wisconsin. He has amazing strength, is gorgeous and is the love of our lives. I just wanted to commend you for your most amazing dogs--he is our greatest joy and we are most grateful to you RR Labs! We give him everything possible to keep him healthy and happy and he has not let us down. Most Sincerely, Angela and Larry Ramert
Tina Taylor wrote on October 28th, 2017
Just spoke with you on phone briefly
Twylla Ingram wrote on July 5th, 2017
We recently lost our chocolate lab. His name was Hemi, and he was 13yrs old. We didn't want him to suffer, so we humanely euthanized him, and buried him by the lake last month. Thinking about a new brown English lab puppy. We're not planning on breeding or anything like that and would have the new dog neutered ASAP. My husband is retired and enjoys walking every day and misses our Hemi dog. We have 11 grandkids ranging from 2 months to 17yrs old, and I love the lab temperament and personality. You just can't get any better than that. Its the kind of dog we would like to have for our family.
Nicole Hajdu wrote on June 21st, 2017
My dad got 2 chocolate labs from you over 20 years ago. Coco was one of them that we named. Other was Nite. We got her from you as an adult dog. Best dogs I have ever had and all my family and friends agreed. I am looking into getting a lab puppy. Call you tomorrow. Nicole Caminiti Hajdu
Theresa Sacomano wrote on June 11th, 2017
I am interested in a yellow male lab. I have had three labs and all of them have been a big part of our lives. I need to know if you have any available in July and please let me know. Please and thank you.
Maria Perez wrote on May 28th, 2017
I would like to come and meet cherry and would like to know the price as soon as possible
Kim Kemp wrote on May 12th, 2017
I had a wonderful yellow lab for a little over 15 years. It's been a year since she's been gone. I long for another and will be contacting you soon to set up an appointment.
Jorge Alarcon wrote on April 12th, 2017
We are interested in a chocolate lab puppy, wonder if you have any available. We live close by in Libertyville. Thanks.
Diane Brown wrote on April 5th, 2017
We live in Wilmette and are interested in a yellow female puppy. I was given your name by Donna Tate. Would love to come by and visit. Diane Brown 847-542-1710
Julie Robinson DVM and Jo Kozlowski wrote on March 18th, 2017
Very interested in a chocolate male puppy. Will call soon.
Traece Graham wrote on February 26th, 2017
I'm interested in a Dod & will call you. I met one of your dogs at the beach in Evanston,beautiful . I look forward to talking w/ you.
Cathy kathe wrote on January 22nd, 2017
We lost our 14 year old yellow lab 3 days before Christmas. Our good friends the Martins highly recommended you as a breeder. We are looking to add another female yellow lab to our family this spring . I was wondering if you have any litter due this spring.
Carrie W wrote on January 17th, 2017
Interested in a yellow or black make! Love the way Louie looks! Will call you soon to see if you have any litters that will be ready in June!
sharon reczkowicz wrote on December 17th, 2016
Looking for chocolate male ,next year.
sharon reczkowicz wrote on December 17th, 2016
Looking for chocolate male puppie for next year,Just losed my fur babby of 12 pluse years .
Wanda Owen wrote on December 7th, 2016
We have 12 year old Bear, a black lab we got from you in 2004 and Chip, a 7 year old chocolate we got in 2009. They are the best dogs and living a great life and we are so grateful to have them as part of our family. I'd love to send you a photo.
Cathy Kaplan wrote on November 14th, 2016
We are beginning to look for a new yellow lab puppy. We've had 2 labs over the past 20 years, a yellow and a black (half sisters), and just had to put the last one down at 14 1/2 yrs. We're feeling a void. Will call you soon!
Justin Murphy wrote on October 26th, 2016
Hi. We are interested in a male chocolate lab. I was wondering if you have any litters coming soon.
Amelia Liberati wrote on August 18th, 2016
Beautiful site! My husband and I just got married and moved to lake Bluff from Annapolis, MD. I was raised with labradors and are looking for a new edition to our family! We would LOVE to be parents to a yellow or chocolate lab :)
Maureen wrote on August 11th, 2016
I'am interested in a lab puppy. Please contact me. Lost my lab of 13yrs. two weeks ago.
Patti Swiney wrote on August 8th, 2016
Hi we are interested in a yellow lab puppy. When is a good time to call.
Jan Lazar wrote on July 28th, 2016
Hi- I have heard great things about your pups and I am very interested, please email me with how to proceed, tried calling the number- thanks!
larry Friedman wrote on July 4th, 2016
Today is day 2 since we brought home our 3rd River Road Lab. Our newest Yellow has all the qualities and beauty of our previous two. Karen...thanks again. Love our baby!!
Sue Hebson wrote on June 26th, 2016
Love your site but more importantly impressed with your love and pride in your dogs. Friends of ours got a lab from you. I recently lost my 11 year old chocolate who was the greatest, most loving house pet ever. I am considering a new pet and will call to discuss.
John Duffy wrote on May 31st, 2016
I have a lab " Pearl Valley Kenzie " he is a Black Lab and would like to have a couple of puppys by him. he is AKC can we work something out?
Judy Newcomb wrote on May 31st, 2016
I am a disabled veteran and would like a big female black British lab. I have a doctor's prescription for one. Do you have any adults?
Bill Wallace wrote on May 29th, 2016
Interested in lab puppy for our family. Please let us know when we could speak on the phone and come to meet you?
Dianne Nelson wrote on May 17th, 2016
Interested in a female yellow lab puppy for our family dog
Juan Luna wrote on May 16th, 2016
I currently have a black female lab and she is 3 years old. I am interested in having a chocolate lab and looking for one. I had a yellow lab who lived 14 years and he was a great family dog. So, I am looking for a chocolate lab to be a great family dog along with my black female. We are a family who loves our labs.
Fred Weiner wrote on May 16th, 2016
I am interesting in speaking to you about a yellow lab for the summer 2016. We have heard all good things about you.
Maureen O'Neill wrote on April 27th, 2016
I am interesting in speaking to you about a yellow lab for the summer 2016. I tried calling but didn't get any answer or voicemail.
Mary Finnegan wrote on April 26th, 2016
Hi. We are interested in a Yellow English Lab puppy for this summer. Would like to talk and start planning. Thank you so much!
Maggie wrote on April 11th, 2016
Intrested in a female yellow lab puppy just wondering when puppie will be available?
Vishal Patel wrote on April 7th, 2016
Interested in a Chocolate Lab puppy. Wondering if you will have any (ready to go) in early August, 2016.
Lynn Krause wrote on April 5th, 2016
From your past Karin. Love always seeing Mac and Cory on these pages. Tess has been gone 5 years now and Cedar Springs who had similar breedng to her seems to be out of business. So just wondered if you have one you might need to place. Certainly no hurry. Rowdy, the cockapoo is almost 10 and I have to say, I sure miss my yellow lab. Lynn
Katey Hardy wrote on March 28th, 2016
Hi! We are looking for a lab puppy with a easy going disposition who is good with kids. We tried calling today but, no answer.
Ann Lynch wrote on March 27th, 2016
Interested in two, male, yellow lab puppies. Impressed with your website. Will call you soon.
Deb H wrote on March 25th, 2016
Checking out your web site. Love my Louie puppy!